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Mar 1, 2024

If your AC isn’t performing to the standards you expect, it might come down to the way it’s been set up. A new installation will fix that, so call Clark Heating and Cooling at +1-602-793-2477 in Mesa for a professional replacement.

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If you want reliable home heating and cooling, your AC system needs to be installed correctly. That’s where Clark Heating and Cooling comes in, fitting new units the way they were always meant to be set up.

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This team is ready to respond to common AC unit breakdowns while ascertaining the cause of any performance issues. You know how hot it gets in Arizona; that’s exactly why you need a functional AC. Fortunately, these pros are here to help you manage your home’s temperature.

Their services involve a structured process in situations calling for complete unit replacements. With Clark Heating and Cooling’s installation procedure, the company aims to significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience future AC problems.

The team notes that insufficient AC performance can be caused by an array of mechanical failures, spanning improper vacuum alignment to cool mode defects and poor brazing. Clark Heating and Cooling offers in-home inspections to assess your AC unit while looking for these problems - as well as drainage or condensation issues. 

Often, advises the team, diminished performance can be explained by your AC’s setup. “Units need to be level and plumb,” explains Clark Heating and Cooling. “If not, it can add to a whole world of problems. Blower wheels and fan blades can get out of balance, which can cause excessive vibration and then premature motor failure. Drainage and condensation issues can cause a lot of destruction both inside the unit and outside if not properly leveled.”

When in doubt, throw it out and replace!

To address these issues, Clark Heating and Cooling describes unit replacements as targeted solutions that can restore the efficiency of home temperature management. Its technicians are equipped to install a brand-new system with industry-approved techniques that are designed to facilitate sufficient airflow and optimal unit performance.

The Peoria HVAC professionals point to York as its preferred equipment brand for AC replacement installations. Clark Heating and Cooling cites the brand’s quality and the accessibility of its components as major pluses you’ll appreciate - and it’ll also withstand the high temperatures that you’re accustomed to.

Clark Heating and Cooling maintains a positive reputation among Phoenix-area communities. There are hundreds of reviews online that bring attention to the company’s prowess - as shown by its 5-star Google rating!

One recent customer remarked: “Excellent company with prompt service. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and thorough with both troubleshooting and resolution.” 

You can make inquiries and arrange a service callout can by visiting the company’s official website or, alternatively, you can get in touch over the phone.

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