Best Medical Record Storage & Management Software For Physical Therapy Practices

Aug 9, 2023

Unify your PT practice’s appointment scheduling and billing system for seamless automation! Join the Interactive Advanced Medicine (1-833-554-2678) platform to reduce your admin workload!

Don’t let your PT practice be caught out by data storage compliance shortfalls - collect and protect accurate medical records with Interactive Advanced Medicine software!

The all-in-one iAM-PT platform leverages cloud-based technology to compile information about your staff and patient sessions all in one place, which reduces scheduling conflicts. It can also automatically send out follow-up messages and appointment reminders to reduce the chance of no-shows at your practice.

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If your PT practice is experiencing growth, you require technology that can keep up with your expanding patient database. With its data collection functions, Interactive Advanced Medicine’s EMR (electronic medical records) software systemizes your information storage so that you can maintain compliance and avoid clerical errors that may otherwise compromise the accuracy of your documentation. As such, you can scale your operations in anticipation of growth while ensuring the quality of the service you provide is maintained.

The iAM-PT tool can speed up your assessments with in-platform standardized client data prompts and templates for your patients to respond to on mobile devices. For example, it provides access to Interactive Advanced Medicine’s patented ‘Computerized Pain Assessment Tool’, or ComPAT. Using point-and-press data entry, the feature allows you to collect and automatically store information on your patient’s pain levels.

Equipped with calendar and billing functions, the platform streamlines your documentation and administration processes, eliminating time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on customer service. For your PTs themselves, it facilitates secure access to patient charts and allows them to oversee their upcoming appointments and scheduled sessions. It can increase oversight of employee information and be used to generate merit-based programs that incentivize productivity.

The centralized calendar software offers you custom appointment color-coding drag-and-drop tools for optimal functionality. You can synchronize calendars across multiple practice locations for improved cross-organizational connectivity. The software company estimates that, per month, it can save your practice 9 hours in scheduling tasks, 14 hours in conducting patient surveys, and 83 hours on documentation.

Ultimately, the iAM-PT software gives you greater control over your business operations without having to add administrative staff to your payroll.

The EMR and calendar software from Interactive Advanced Medicine was created for and by physical therapists - find out if it's right for your practice by calling 1-833-554-2678!

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