Best Marketing Support For New Medicare Insurance Agents: CRM With Sales Scripts

Mar 4, 2024

There’s always a demand for health insurance products but finding and converting those prospects is rarely easy. That’s why Trusted American Insurance Agency offers a suite of FMO services, including website building and a complete CRM system. Check them out today!

Struggling to make an impression in the Medicare sales market? Perhaps you're new to the game or you've hit the wall when it comes to closing deals?

Partner with Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA) and make the most of their educational and field marketing services for health insurance agents across the US! More details at

With TAIA, you will access a suite of training tools and support services to reach and convert more prospects. The coaching is geared towards the senior market, helping you meet the increasing demand for medical insurance among the older generation.

More Than Your Average FMO

TAIA is committed to helping you build a scalable and sustainable business, going beyond the standard remit of FMOs to provide everything from product training to website building and a customer relationship management platform. You can sign up via the TAIA website to complete your carrier certifications and receive your writing number.

Free CRM

As a TAIA broker, you can access highly-rated contracts with leading carriers, competitive rates, and a renowned support team who are always on hand to answer your questions. Agent resources are helpfully collated in the company's A3 Dashboard - an optimized CRM system that helps you offer better services to your client base while driving larger revenues.

Quick Quotes

CRM features include a Medicare quoting tool that swiftly generates accurate information and has the facility to upload, view, and track online application submissions. There is also a suite of marketing materials at your disposal, including downloadable templates for flyers, social media ads, and cross-selling letters.

Close Like A Pro

If you've been struggling to close deals and have lost confidence in your abilities, there is a library of sales scripts that have proven successful. You can navigate through typical customer responses and explore the best approach and information to use in reply.

Website Services

As a newly contracted agent, you get a website built for you for free! The designs all meet CMS compliance standards and are optimized to appeal to target markets. You can also take advantage of custom branding options to stand out from your competitors. The TAIA team can also help to manage your website with content updates and technical maintenance.

A spokesperson says, “Take advantage of having a team with more than 30 years of experience in the Medicare marketplace. Our job is to make you more successful.”

For FMO services that will give you the edge in the health insurance marketplace, you can rely on Trusted American Insurance Agency!

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