Best Infection Prevention Supplies At Bulk Rates With Fast Shipping For Clinics

Apr 19, 2024

Did you know you can get medical and dental supplies with same-day shipping at no extra cost, from a local, authorized dealer? All you need is SurgiMac, they offer the best bulk rates in the USA, and registration is free.

Have you ever had to buy medical supplies from overseas, or from a local consumer store?

It seems like no matter where you go, you're either paying way too much for the product or way too much for shipping - and there has to be a better way.

Even if you can get free shipping, you're still waiting weeks or months for your shipment to arrive, and nobody has time for that.

If you ask around locally though, you'll find there's a better option - it's SurgiMac.

They provide same-day shipping to registered users anywhere in the USA, at no extra cost, and you can get bulk rates on almost the entire catalog just by registering for a free account... Well, as long as you're a professional anyways.

That's ok though, they're not picky - it doesn't matter if you're a doctor, surgeon, chiropractor, dentist, orthodontist, hospice worker, or some other kind of healthcare professional entirely. Just register on their website, for free, to get bulk rates, same-day shipping, and access to the whole catalog.

Go ahead and see for yourself, it's free, easy, and fast, just visit

I should warn you though, the process to get same-day shipping is a little complicated... let me explain.

To have any order scheduled for fast shipping, you need to place the order before noon, EST.

That's it... sorry, I was joking about the complicated part.

I think it's hilarious how easy it is - because SurgiMac is incredibly dedicated to getting your shipment delivered, fast. They use a network of warehouses from coast to coast, and always ship orders from the closest available location.

I can already hear you asking - "do they have the specialty products I need?"

The answer is almost certainly yes, but, in the rare event that an item is not available from the SurgiMac catalog, you can just contact a representative to have it special ordered, or for assistance in finding a comparable product.

It's also pretty simple to find a new or comparable product yourself because their website is very detailed. Each product has a comprehensive description that includes everything you need to know - and they often have links to important certifications from sources like the EPA.

For example, what if you need a quick disinfecting wipe that's effective against almost everything, including Candida Auris, for a high-traffic area? A quick browse of their website tells me that Super Sani Wipes from PDI are perfect for the job, EPA-certified to eliminate Candida Auris in a few minutes, and quite safe for public areas and high-traffic spaces.

How do they do it?

That's easy, they formed partnerships with all the top manufacturers that healthcare workers know and trust, like PDI, McKesson, and Biofreeze.

That's not all though, SurgiMac also manufactures several common healthcare products locally, including gloves, masks, and surgical instruments. In fact, it's far too much to list, but if you want to see their full catalog, just visit

One of my favorites is their MaxSafe masks. This locally-produced SurgiMac brand is manufactured to the highest quality standards, before being independently tested by Nelson Labs. These masks offer a 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and are made entirely out of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials - and they're non-allergenic too.

There's just one more thing that you need to know before you're ready to save time, money, and stress, by shopping with SurgiMac.

While the company does offer most of its catalog to the public, certain items may be restricted due to legal or safety reasons, such as the injectable local anesthetics often used by dentists. However, healthcare professionals registered with SurgiMac can access the entire catalog, with no restrictions - and registration is free.

It only takes a minute or two to sign up - and it's definitely worth it just for the bulk rates, not to mention the fast shipping.

That's up to you of course, but if you want my advice?

Life is easier with SurgiMac.

Register for free right now at

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