Best HVAC Efficiency Upgrades & Chiller Optimization For Educational Facilities

Nov 16, 2023

Onsite Utility Services Capital offers cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions as part of its fully managed savings program – and it offers innovative HVAC optimization upgrades for schools with zero investment or debt.

Are you tired of seeing your school just leak money with inefficient energy systems, outdated HVAC units, and poor lighting but you just don't have the budget?

This fully managed energy upgrade program from Onsite Utility Services Capital could be just what you need to start getting things under control.

Electricity is the second highest operating expense for school districts, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Now you can cut costs – and it starts with your HVAC units with zero capital or debt through Energy Savings-as-a-Service investment platform.!

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Optimize your HVAC systems to start saving big

The service focuses in particular on HVAC system optimization, unit upgrades, and ongoing maintenance as part of a fully managed cost reduction strategy. This includes advanced chiller technology, which has been proven across multiple schools to reduce ongoing expenses.

According to the company's research, HVAC units account for a significant portion of energy bills for most schools. By optimizing your chiller operations - a process that allows you to maintain precise temperatures while reducing electric costs - you can maximize system capacity and minimize energy waste.

Save up to 40% with chiller optimization

Onsite Utility Services Capital says that up to one-third of HVAC energy usage is wasted due to inefficient operations. Chiller optimization removes this waste, leading to electric savings from 10% to 40% for most educational institutions. Wear and tear on chiller equipment is also reduced, extending the lifespan of motors, pumps, compressors, and fans.

In addition to energy savings, the company's advanced chiller optimization provides excellent temperature regulation and climate control. Current education clients have reported up to a 90% reduction in faculty and student complaints after implementing optimized HVAC solutions.

Onsite Utility Services Capital uses an energy-savings-as-a-service program to provide HVAC optimization for schools of all sizes. This allows you to upgrade lighting, indoor air quality, water conservation, HVAC, and more with zero upfront costs.

The energy experts use advanced analytics to increase savings and simplify facility operations. All HVAC optimization services include continuous monitoring and adaptation to ensure better performance.

Fritz Kreiss, Onsites CEO added: "As schools continue to face increasing budget pressures, implementing energy-saving strategies can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line for school districts. By implementing energy-efficiency initiatives, upgrades, and operations, school districts can direct much-needed funds to student services and personnel."

Don't let your energy bills get out of hand. Talk to Onsite Utility Services Capital today to see how they can help you!

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