Best House Painters In Hamilton, NZ Offer Roof Painting For Weather Resistance

Jun 6, 2024

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A rusty, mouldy roof can be pretty unsightly, but did you know that it can actually turn into a hazard? At the very least, if you leave ageing roofs alone for too long, you may end up having to spend big bucks on repair work. If you’re not at that point yet, you can still save money by calling Roof Painting Pros Hamilton, the top house painters in the area! They’ll restore and repaint your roof for a fraction of the price of an expensive repair job, and make your home look more beautiful than it already is! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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Not Just for the Aesthetics

While rooftops contribute greatly to a property’s visual appeal, they are equally important in protecting the structure from the elements. Roof Painting Pros Hamilton says that for this reason, roof painting requires more thorough preparation than regular exterior painting, and the paints used must offer more heat reflection and durability compared to standard products. 

Top-Rated, Affordable Roof Painting Services

As they specialise in roof restoration, recoating, and repainting, the company can offer professional maintenance work that will reduce the need for future repairs or expensive replacements. Don’t worry so much about what your roof is made of either; their technicians are capable of working with a variety of roofing, including iron, concrete tile, and COLORSTEEL. Regardless of the material, the services are ideal for both improving weather resistance and enhancing the appearance of the property.

A Thorough Process

Remember that thing about thorough preparation? Let’s go into that in a little more detail. Before they begin the painting process, Roof Painting Pros Hamilton will prepare the site by installing harness systems and fall protection scaffolding around the perimeter. Once the appropriate safety measures have been taken, their technicians will begin removing moss or mould growth with specialised agents. They will then blast the surface with water to clear any dirt, grime, and loose or flaking paint; anything that remains will be scraped off by hand.

As they work, the technicians will also locate and fix loose nails or screws, and they will remove any rust they find with galvanised iron primer. Wow, they weren’t kidding! Roof painting is a lot more than just slapping a layer of paint on and calling it a day!

After these steps are complete, they will apply two coats of premium water-based acrylic roof coating with an airless spray. This specialised formula inhibits moss, mould, and lichen growth and absorbs UV radiation while fortifying the roof against the elements, ensuring it remains durable for many years. Roof Painting Pros Hamilton really goes above and beyond to make sure your roof remains in one piece! It’s no wonder they’re the best in the industry!

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The Best Painters in Hamilton

Roof Painting Pros Hamilton has been painting and restoring roofs for over 20 years. With extensive experience with residential, commercial, and industrial properties, the company is reputed as one of the most trusted roof painting services in the Waikato region.

By the way, they also offer free, no-obligation quotes. If you have a job for them but are working within a strict budget, don’t hesitate to contact them; just know that you’re guaranteed some of the best prices in the industry. Don’t let your roof languish any longer! Give it the TLC it needs today!

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