Best Hot-Dip Galvanizing Steel Service By Structural Experts In Boulder

Mar 18, 2024

Want to protect your beautiful iron and steel structures from the ravages of time? Veltri Steel (719-250-0499) has partnered with an industry leader in hot-dip galvanized steel and is now offering this top-tier service in Boulder and the Rocky Mountain area.

For over 250 years, hot-dip galvanizing has been a leading technique. Not only is it time-tested, but it's an economical, sustainable, and completely maintenance-free option!

No matter the size or difficulty level of your steel or iron project, Veltri Steel can use its expert hot-dip galvanizing skills to ensure it is fully protected from corrosion for years and years to come!

Process Of Strength

Hot dip galvanizing is an amazing process! First, the steel is hung by wire and cleaned of dirt, oil, and iron oxide. Then, it’s lowered into a kettle of molten zinc, creating a metallurgic reaction which results in the formation of layers of zinc-iron and an outer layer of pure zinc. 

The zinc-iron alloy formed by this method protects the steel underneath from corrosion. It has a bond strength of 3600 PSI — which is harder and more abrasion-resistant than the steel itself!

The diffusion caused by the galvanizing process results in a completely even coating, making sure all surfaces have an equal thickness of protection. The full-immersion technique provides total steel coverage, no matter the shape or complexity of the component.

There is a reason this process has endured for over 250 years!

Record Of Excellence

One of the most interesting projects Veltri Steel has completed is the Denver Broncos football team’s practice facility. This contract involved the manufacture and installation of insulated metal wall panels, a roofing system, and various steel accessories and components. 

Completed under an extremely restrictive timeline, this job involved 75,000 square feet of space and was executed to the highest possible standard.

Another project worth mentioning is the renovation of Cherry Creek High School. This work was completed over a 10,000-square-foot area and involved the installation of 16,000-pound girder trusses.

The school’s roof was fully reinforced to accommodate a new pool for the Cherry Creek district and a bleacher area —  it was a massive undertaking!

If interested in this cost-effective and proven steel and iron strengthening process, you can call or email Veltri Steel for a quote, or contact Chief Estimator, Evan Paul, by going to

About Veltri Steel

A general contractor in the Rocky Mountain region, Veltri Steel specializes in steel design and construction. They take on even the most difficult projects and always deliver on schedule. Ranked as the number one steel company in Colorado, with a perfect safety rating, the team is led by founder Doug Veltri, and his son Dell Veltri, who became president in 2013. Vice-president Ilya Gouts brings a vast knowledge of business and finance.

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