Best Free Things To Do In Venice Italy Visitor Attractions Doge’s Palace San Marco Square Report Launched

Nov 8, 2016

Discover the best free things to do around Venice, Italy, in the new report with video provided by Travelsharp, the popular travel information site. Recommended attractions include San Marco square and the Doge’s Palace.

Travel report site Travelsharp, which offers tips and tricks for traveling around the world, has launched a new report on the best free things to do in Venice, Italy. It boasts a video detailing some of the best things people can do in the city, including boat rides along the water, and some of the best buildings to visit while in the area.

More information can be found on the company website at:

Travelsharp features a wide range of articles on travel, including the things to do in Stockholm and other destinations around the world, along with pieces focusing on cuisine from around the world. One such piece focuses on the best omelette in the world and where readers can discover it.

The latest report focuses on Venice, one of the most popular and beautiful cities in the world. It opens with a quote from Mary Shelley, discussing how there is something so different about Venice compared to other places in the world.

The report emphasises that visitors getting to spend a few days in Venice will discover that it is unlike any other city in the world, being somewhat small, but full of history. Every ancient brick has an interesting piece of history or story behind it.

Travelsharp advises that the city is at its busiest throughout the day, but can quieten down in the evening when the big cruise ships leave, and can be especially quiet at night or early in the morning, when visitors will feel as though they have the enchanting area to themselves.

It goes on to underscore that there are a few key areas in the city that visitors should aim to see at all costs, including San Marco square, where the world famous Basilica can be found. Another landmark to check out is the Doge's Palace, which is next to the cathedral.

Visitors with more time on their hands are also advised to visit the little island of Burano, famous for its small painted houses. Full details are provided in the YouTube video created by Travelsharp at:

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