Best Edmonton CoolSculpting Technician Training Routes Available Online: Enroll

Dec 3, 2023

Think CoolSculpting Technician is a career step too far? Think again – reach new heights no matter your starting point with the help of Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy! Call 1-844-337-6975 and join its Alberta training courses!

Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy wants you to aim high - if you see yourself performing CoolSculpting procedures in a fancy clinic setting, that’s exactly what can happen as a result of its training program. Don’t limit yourself, make the most of your potential by enrolling on its beginner-suited course!

Technological developments continue to boost the efficacy and versatility of such non-invasive cosmetic procedures, essentially making them better than ever. With Dermysk’s help, you can pursue accredited qualifications to begin performing these treatments in your own home clinic or at a local MedSpa. 

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Its course is presented in the form of dual practical and theory instruction, teaching you at Dermysk’s Edmonton-area academy site before leading onto virtual learning. The latter platform gives you the chance to brush up on essential medical aesthetics techniques, protocols, and the industry’s background while bolstering your employability.

As a central appeal of Dermysk’s training program, the academy is accessible for total newcomers to the med-aesthetics field. Its courses are open to you even if you lack higher academic credentials or professional qualifications. Instead, a high school diploma is all you need - get ready to zoom into the field from a zero-experience starting point.

Introducing its program, a Dermysk representative said: “Our meticulously crafted courses seamlessly blend the principles of science, the finesse of artistry, and the latest cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that you emerge as a true industry trailblazer.”

The academy covers a blend of procedures in its courses, spanning more typical MedSpa-appropriate treatments to specialist methods. Alongside CoolSculpting and microneedling, among others, Dermysk’s training offers you hands-on practice with the field’s latest laser and IPL devices - including those by SharpLight.

You’ll also be guided along your progression through the course by accomplished mentors, available on-site and online to convey their advice and career-minded insights. 

Upon graduation, you’ll have several options available to you. Coached by your aforementioned mentors, you can peruse the job market and build on the connections afforded to you by Dermysk’s platform to target Canada-wide employment. Alternatively, you might choose to develop your skills further through the academy’s advanced and master-level courses.

“Overcome limited career options, achieve work-life balance, and embrace continuous growth with Dermysk Academy as your guide,” says a spokesperson. “Redefine success on your own terms and unlock limitless possibilities in the world of medical aesthetics.”

Success has a new meaning and a new spelling: D E R M Y S K!

Whether you’re in Edmonton or across Canada, check out to learn more.

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