Best Dresser Packing Tips By Reputable Irvine, CA Moving Companies Revealed!

Apr 12, 2024

Wondering how to pack a dresser before your big Irvine, CA move? Wonder no more – has it covered!

Best Dresser Moving Tips!

When you bought that heavy dresser, you likely weren’t thinking about how hard it would be to move when the time came. Who can blame you? Still, you don’t have to struggle alone - read this guide to learn more! acknowledges the difficulty presented by dressers during relocation projects, especially given their weight and bulk. By following the tips found in its guide, however, you can keep your dresser protected while also minimizing your risk of sustaining an injury.

It’s vital that you pack and prepare your dressers for transit. Without adequate preparation, it can easily be damaged during the big move. As such, offers advice to help you wrap your dresser together with further guidance on carrying the unit along corridors and down stairwells.

Before packing the dresser, however, the guide shows that the best step is to lighten its weight. You can do this by emptying the unit of its contents before removing shelves, mirrors, and other attachable components. You can pack these separately with wrapping or padding, keeping each individual part safe for transport.

Once the main unit is ready for packing, recommends that you consider protection to be your central priority. Accordingly, it suggests that you take all necessary measures to limit the chance of damage by wrapping handles and covering the dresser with blankets - secured by high-strength packing tape.

Moving the dresser is the final stage illuminated by the guide, with advising that you take care to lift units along a clear route. It also refers to moving straps as useful additions, making dressers less unwieldy by redistributing their weight.

Of course, you don’t need to do this yourself…

Yet, the single most important piece of advice mentioned in the guide is that many professional moving companies can complete all these steps on your behalf. Take it easy!

“What's the best way to move a dresser to make sure that it reaches your destination safely and unscathed?” asks the guide. “Hire professional movers. Whether you enlist the assistance of full-service movers or someone to just wrap and load the dresser, they will have the proper materials and know-how to protect and carry your furniture safely - and you won't wind up with a strained back.”

Want to source relocation teams who are equipped to pack and move dressers in line with professional standards? Good news - also serves as a directory listing teams across the United States. The companies named on its website are experienced in moving heavy furniture as part of state-to-state relocations to houses and high-rise apartments alike.

With teams like these, moving is a breeze!

Are you moving soon?

Check out’s full Irvine moving company directory to get started.

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