Best DIY Essential Oils Recipes With Bergamot Aromatherapy Blends: Learn More

Mar 29, 2024

Bergamot essential oil is great on its own, but you can accentuate its effects by pairing it with other scents. Loving Essential Oils is here to reveal those fragrances!

What Goes Well With Bergamot Oils? Find Out Now!

It’s time to upgrade your bergamot essential oils collection with perfect partners. Trust Loving Essential Oils for DIY mixtures that offer the best of bergamot and other soothing aromas!

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Read this guide to learn all you need to know about bergamot with great usages for this citrusy scent. Alongside the obvious appeal of its unique fragrance, Loving Essential Oils calls bergamot an uplifting aroma that can improve your emotional well-being.

Its guide also reveals a list of diffuser blend recipes that implement the fruity fragrance together with complementing oils.

As described by Loving Essential Oils, similar citrus-based oils are ideal for pairing with bergamot in pursuit of sweet-smelling aromas to fill your living space. Its guide advises that you can explore these combinations via a diffuser tank, enveloping your home with powerful scents from your living room to your bedrooms, bathrooms, and beyond.

“Bergamot mixes well with other citrus oils and can offer a refreshing and invigorating fragrance to any essential oil blend,” explains the Loving Essential Oils guide. 

Specifically, Loving Essential Oils names orange, mandarin, and lemon as fitting components that positively mix with bergamot. Fellow citrus scents can accentuate their effects in concert, suggests the guide - though it also refers to flowery fragrances like jasmine, geranium, and patchouli as complementary blend ingredients.

Best Bergamot Blends!

To help you experiment with different bergamot diffuser blends, Loving Essential Oils’ guide presents a range of DIY mixtures that you can create at home. It gives each recipe a name while revealing clear steps for making these blends using essential oil drops.

“Gorgeously Calm” is one of many essential oil blends unveiled in the guide, comprised of three distinct, yet complementary fragrances. This particular combination is ideal for creating a serene environment. Now you can discover bergamot’s stress relief powers - among other effects.

“This trio of calming essential oils is perfect to diffuse in the evening or when nerves are frayed,” suggests Jennifer Lane, Loving Essential Oils’ owner. Coming from a longstanding background in aromatherapy, Lane identifies the ability of bergamot-based blends to: “boost positive energy, enlighten your mood, and relieve feelings of grief or sadness.”

The benefits of bergamot are yours for the taking…

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