Best Curling Iron For Long Hair – Mr Big Sells Out On USA Network Show Debut

Oct 28, 2021

Looking for the best hair styling wand for long waves? You’re in luck! This innovative product sold out on America’s Big Deal due to its great features!

If you’ve got long hair, you know how hard it can be to style and maintain your dream look. But your life is about to get easier thanks to this cutting-edge curling iron from Mr Big!

The company’s latest appearance on America’s Big Deal showcased the product’s ability to curl long hair easily and in one pass. This is due to the heated styling tool having double the barrel length of others available on the market. in fact, the Mr Big curling iron can curl over 30 inches of hair in a single pass.

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The latest announcement comes as Mr Big continues to innovate its features and technology. During her live pitch, Alicia Kelley introduced the extra-long curling iron, along with its features and benefits, while models demonstrated how easy it is to use on long hair.

One of the notable features of the device is that you can order it in a variety of widths. At nine and a half inches long, the barrel lets you curl each section of hair from top to bottom and in half the normal time.

The ceramic triple-plated barrel with negatively charged ions helps eradicate frizz and lock in shine-making moisture. The curling iron has six different heat settings to style different types of hair without the damage of traditional heated curling tools.

The Mr Big curling iron is designed to be comfortable for you to use and has a 360-degree swivel cord, an extended thumb grip, and an ergonomic handle. Another innovative feature is the heat-proof rotating tip, which allows you to turn the wand without the risk of burns.

America’s Big Deal is a TV show that combines live on-air shopping with a competition format to showcase America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. Each contestant, like Mr Big, gives a live pitch with the highest dollar amount of sales at the end of the show winning a chance to make a deal with a retailer.

A customer has said of their experience using the Mr Big Curling Iron: “This is the best curling iron I’ve ever used. My curls lasted all day, even with the south’s humidity. My hair is almost 2 ft. long and it took me less than 10 minutes to curl it. I would highly recommend this product.”

Ready to upgrade your morning hair routine? Check out the full video today!

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