Best Crypto Portfolio Alternative Investment: YieldNodes Masternode Rentals 2022

Sep 19, 2022

Are you looking for an alternative way of investing in crypto? Would you like to earn a commission through its transactions rather than owning assets? Black Book Crypto’s 2022 YieldNodes report might have the answer you’re looking for!

Best Crypto Portfolio Alternative Investment: YieldNodes Masternode Rentals 2022

If you’ve been wondering about investing in the infrastructure of blockchain transactions, you might have come across masternoding. However, you may have struggled with the technical and security aspect of creating your own masternode. That’s where Black Book Crypto’s 2022 update on YieldNodes masternode rental program can help.

In the report, Black Book Crypto provides you with details on how the YieldNodes program has performed since they started using it in November 2021 through to August 2022 and beyond.

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With the report, the cryptocurrency news site helps investors and blockchain enthusiasts like you to better understand how masternoding programs work, and their long-term prospects as an alternative to asset investing.

Investing in crypto has become one of the most popular choices for many individuals looking to diversify their portfolios, with an estimated 22% of adults in the U.S. owning a blockchain asset. However, if you are looking for investment options outside of tokens and assets, you may be curious about the opportunities presented by masternoding. Black Book Crypto’s report gives you a breakdown of what masternoding is, with a detailed examination of their own results using the YieldNodes program.

The report initially details the importance of masternoding in the infrastructure of blockchain. This includes validating transactions and governing blockchain networks, making it an intrinsic part of the cryptocurrency system.

Black Book Crypto’s report explains that the YieldNodes platform gives you the ability to set up and run a masternode through its rental program, without the need for advanced technical know-how. The program also offers a stable and secure system that pools the resources of all of its members.

As the report outlines with their month-by-month analysis, the masternoding program offers a commission-based reward structure. By presenting data and feedback on their results throughout 2022, Black Book Crypto allows you to draw your own conclusions on whether the system would suit your investing plans.

If you are looking for information on the company behind YieldNodes, you can also find details on the company’s founders and CEO. The report also highlights the company’s past achievements and future plans, giving you a comprehensive picture of the organization’s standing in 2022.

A spokesperson for Black Book Crypto said, “YieldNodes is a new way of investing in the new blockchain economy, without having to become mired in the complexities of technical analysis, masternoding, researching and tracking fundamental and trends.”

Learn how YieldNodes' masternode rental program offers you an alternative blockchain investment option!

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