Best Combined SMS, Email, Facebook, & Google Inbox Platform For Small Businesses

Jul 1, 2024

Tired of pursuing leads across multiple channels? Try Kyrios Systems’ combined inbox platform to easily consolidate messages across all channels simultaneously.

Kyrios Systems: Your Mobile Command Center

Running a business is a lot like running a military. While the stakes may be different, the core principles are the same - the individual processes within the system must be efficient, they must be well-organized, and they must be managed by competent leadership. If you are running a business, I would like to think that you have the competent leadership part of that equation covered already - but as for organization and efficiency? There is always room to improve.

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Perhaps the most crucial factor for success in both a military operation and a business is communication. Effective communication - or lack thereof - can mean the life or death of your operation.

Enter: Kyrios Systems. Their management platform has the potential to become the most vital pillar of your internal operations, handling everything from your moment-to-moment workflow, your long-term marketing efforts, and your lead generation, all from a single, fully mobile (proverbial) command center. What can it do for you? Read on to find out!

Unified Communications

In keeping with their mission to completely revolutionize the way you do business, Kyrios Systems can combine the many different channels that you use to communicate with your customers into a single, easy-to-access inbox. Recently, the company added full integration for Facebook and Google, further expanding the utility of an already impressive system.

Alongside these integrations with Facebook Messenger and Google Business Profiles, the platform also connects to SMS, email, and Instagram DMs. Their system offers a simple, flexible portal that can be used to pursue leads in real time regardless of where they may be.

Automated Workflows

As the company explains, this new addition is also designed to integrate with the automated workflows that the platform also hosts.

In their words, “Communication shouldn't be a solo act. Kyrios integrates seamlessly with your other Kyrios features, letting you trigger automated workflows based on inbox interactions. Imagine a customer leaving a positive review. Kyrios sends them a personalized thank you email, rewards them with points, and adds them to a loyal customer loyalty program.”

Affordable Features & Add-Ons

The Kyrios Systems platform also features a fully functional CRM, automated ad placement tools, web hosting and website construction services, and more.

These features and more are available as a part of the basic Kyrios package, though a number of add-ons are also available depending on your specific needs. These additions include a wide range of both web design and workflow automation templates designed to improve the customer service experience on both sides of the transaction.

Try It Today

The software - including the newly announced Google and Facebook integration - is available now to try free for 14 days. The Kyrios team is also available to provide a complimentary demo of the software and its wide-ranging functionality on request.

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