Best Chelmsford Luxury Affordable Home Office and Garden Rooms

Jun 7, 2024

Outsiders Garden Rooms (01277 671283) the best choice for affordable, luxury garden rooms and home offices in Chelmsford. With over 25 years of expertise, this family-run business offers tailored and pre-designed outdoor rooms, comprehensive project management, and versatile spaces that seamlessly integrate into diverse lifestyles.

As a Chelmsford homeowner, you've likely dreamed about having your own private garden room to escape to - a peaceful garden retreat tailored exactly to your lifestyle. Maybe you envision an outdoor home office to work comfortably surrounded by nature and increase your productivity. Or a zen space to practice yoga, meditation and find your center. Perhaps a creative studio to flex your artistic muscles and let inspiration flow is more your style. Or maybe your ideal outdoor room is simply a cozy spot to unwind with a good book, host intimate gatherings with friends, or watch a movie under the stars.

Whatever unique vision you have for enhancing your home with an outdoor living area, Essex based Outsiders Garden Rooms can finally make that aspiration a reality in an affordable way. Their innovative designs allow you to essentially extend your living space by blending the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

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A Respected Essex Family Business 

This family-owned Essex company has been expertly designing and crafting premium garden rooms for over 25 years. But they've expanded beyond just serving the local Chelmsford area to now provide affordable yet stylish outdoor living solutions tailored specifically for homeowners across Essex, Hertfordshire and North London.  

By constantly innovating their designs, Outsiders has cemented their reputation as the premier experts in this space. At the core is their commitment to helping clients bring their dream outdoor retreats to life.

Luxury Meets Nature in Innovative Designs

At the heart of every Outsiders garden room is their philosophy of seamlessly blending indoor luxury with the tranquility of nature through smart design. Their structures are intended to make you feel truly immersed in your surroundings while enjoying all the amenities and comforts of a high-end indoor space.

Envision relaxing in a comfy reading nook encased by floor-to-ceiling windows that frame spectacular garden views. Or throwing open the large bi-folding or patio doors to let the fresh air and natural light pour into your private yoga studio or artist's retreat. These are just a couple of the ways Outsiders can extend your living environment into the outdoors.

Bespoke Outdoor Living Spaces Tailored for You

But what really sets Outsiders apart is their ability to create truly unique spaces personalized to each client's needs and style preferences. They have recently expanded their range of pre-designed garden rooms and now offer five inspired signature styles to spark ideas, however their sweet spot is collaborating with you to craft a fully customized, bespoke outdoor living area.

Through detailed consultations, Outsiders' in-house design experts develop a made-to-order layout, aesthetic, and integrated features perfectly suited to your property, lifestyle, and budget. From the layout to the finishes, you have complete control to bring your dream garden room vision to life down to the very last detail.

Affordable Luxury Within Reach for Chelmsford

While their garden rooms exude luxurious style and comfort, realizing this dream of additional living space doesn't have to break the bank for Chelmsford homeowners. Outsiders offers surprisingly affordable pricing to make their solutions accessible.

Their pre-designed garden room models start at under £20,000, providing exceptional value. And with their turnkey installation service handling every aspect of construction, you can skip the inflated costs and headaches of traditional renovations like architect fees, permits, and construction disruptions.

Built to Last with Premium Materials 

Despite the budget-friendly pricing, there's no sacrifice in quality or longevity. Outsiders only uses premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and cutting-edge weather-protecting design elements in their garden rooms. In fact, they're so confident in the structures' durability that they offer an impressive 10-year warranty and guarantee their garden rooms will last over 40 years with proper care.

From the solid timber framing to the high-performance glazing and superior finishes, you can trust an Outsiders garden room will withstand the test of time while maintaining its luxurious aesthetic.

Make Your Dream Outdoor Space a Reality

So why continue dreaming about that perfect outdoor room when Outsiders makes it so attainable to upgrade your Chelmsford home? Whether you opt for one of their inspired pre-designed models or a fully customized creation, their team has the expertise to construct an outdoor space tailored just for you and your lifestyle.

The first step is reaching out to schedule an initial consultation, where you can discuss your ideas and let Outsiders bring your alfresco living vision to life. Don't let another summer pass you by wishing for more space! Contact them today at 01277 671283 or through their website ( to start planning your own luxury garden retreat.

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