Best Carpal Tunnel Home Solution: Hand Massaging Methods For Better Mobility

Apr 8, 2022

Are you suffering from carpal tunnel and want a solution that won’t require you to visit a doctor’s office? Read Hanzzen’s report today to discover the most effective way to handle your condition!

Best Carpal Tunnel Home Solution: Hand Massaging Methods For Better Mobility

Ouch! Are you feeling electric sensations on your hand and wrist? Are you struggling to hold objects without dropping them? It sounds like you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Hanzzen's report will show you how to take care of it!

The company’s report highlights that experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common conditions affecting one's hands that can be very painful and limit the ability to complete everyday tasks. Performing a hand massage shortly after being afflicted with the issue is key to preventing the need for surgical procedures.

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Hanzzen’s report explains that incorporating myofascial release techniques into your massage will help eliminate pain, improve loss of movement, and reduce numbness. These techniques have been recognized as a form of medical therapy, and licensed therapists have been utilizing them on patients for over 30 years.

Statistics have shown that although both men and women are susceptible to this condition, women are three times more likely to suffer from carpal tunnel. People under the age of 20 are less likely to get diagnosed as the chance of developing the syndrome grows with age.

According to Hanzzen, you can significantly improve your condition by gently squeezing the muscles in your shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. You need to repeat these light squeezes for 30 seconds per area by using your palm, thumb, and fingers. If comfortable, you can then boost the level of pressure by using your knuckles and massaging each area for a full minute. The guide lists an array of other helpful techniques that you can try as well.

Performing hand massages regularly will relieve pain and limit the chance that it will return. You can use hand massagers designed to aid with carpal tunnel, but you should opt for ones that do not include vibration functions, as these can worsen your condition.

Hanzzen offers a hand massager that you can buy directly from their website. It comes in black, pink, or white, and works to reduce pain and enhance mobility. The massager can target all 400 critical acupuncture points within 30 minutes to speed up your recovery process.

The author of the report stated: “If you want a permanent solution for carpal tunnel syndrome, hand massage is the best solution. Moreover, it is cost-effective and will soften your tight muscles and release your pain.”

With Hanzzen's innovative hand massager, you can kiss your troublesome pain goodbye! Visit the website today to learn more about its unique functions!

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