Best Beginner-Friendly Treadmill 2024: Sole F65 Is Affordable & User-Friendly

Jun 12, 2024

SOLE Fitness (866-780-7653) is proud to announce the release of the Sole F65 treadmill, which shoppers have quickly called the best beginner-friendly treadmill of 2024.

SOLE Fitness knows the journey to your best physical condition is a marathon, not a sprint, which is why they are proud to create home gym equipment, like their new Sole F65 treadmill, that can support you every step of the way.

See why this affordable yet feature-packed treadmill has become a favorite among home fitness beginners at

The Best Beginner Friendly Treadmill

The new, affordably priced Sole F65 has been designed specifically for home use and it features a simple and user-friendly console, comfortable and spacious running track and in-built cooling fans, all features the SOLE Fitness team believe make it a smart choice for you if you are just starting out on your home fitness journey.

Like its predecessor, the Sole F63, the Sole F65 aims to bring you the highest level of features at an entry-level price, and to bring you a comfortable, enjoyable and performance-improving workout experience.

“SOLE is excited to unveil the latest addition to our treadmill family – the new and improved F65 model,” said SOLE Fitness’ spokesperson regarding the release. “Building upon the success of the popular F63, the F65 offers enhanced features that deliver exceptional performance without compromising on affordability.”

User-Friendly & Performance-Improving

Some of the key new features of the Sole F65 include its user-friendly yet comprehensive console, which offers you key performance insights like calories burned, pulse rate, average pace and distance traveled.

The new treadmill also comes loaded with several pre-programmed workouts that utilize the treadmill’s 0.5 to 12 mph speed range and its array of incline levels. For better workout visualizations, the new LCD screen console also comes with a peaks and valleys graph to show you exactly how much you have achieved in a workout session.

SOLE’s spokesperson added, “Equipped with a robust motor, the F65 treadmill offers challenging speeds of up to 12 mph and an incline range of up to 15 levels. The spacious 22 x 60-inch deck provides ample room for comfortable strides, while the 9-inch backlit LCD display ensures easy tracking of your workout metrics.”

Start Training For Long-Distance Running

SOLE Fitness thinks the Sole F65 is especially perfect for you if you are looking to start training and build up your endurance as a long-distance runner. While running outside on concrete sidewalks or asphalt roads can be particularly hard on your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back, their cushioned treadmill can help to reduce impact and your chance of injury as you find your stride.

SOLE’s customer service team is available online and over the phone to answer any questions you may have about the treadmill, and they have the full specs for the new Sole F65 available on their website.

Lace up your sneakers and head to to get the new SOLE F65 delivered to your door.

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