Best Automated SOP & Process Management Software For Small Business Owners

Nov 29, 2023

Increase your business efficiency dramatically with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) software. It’s the perfect solution to reduce repetitive workload and focus on growing your business.

Are you looking for a tech solution for small companies that is:

  1. Within your budget?
  2. Designed to work for smaller teams?

Then you're going to love Flowster!

This user-friendly app was made for business owners who understand that technology is the key to business growth but struggle to find the right fit. Flowster is sophisticated software with features like workflow documentation and task automation; essentially, everything you need to improve your operational efficiency by reducing repetitive work. Learn more about the app and all the cool functions at

As a small business owner, you might have noticed that the salespeople from tech providers aren't exactly throwing themselves at the phone when you call. That can feel frustrating, but if it's any comfort, you're not alone. 

According to an article from Silicon Angle, there is a discrepancy between the demand and supply of technology for business owners, as many tech companies focus on creating and selling products to big enterprises. The article points out that recent studies found a clear connection between successful businesses and access to advanced software, meaning many small businesses fall behind. Flowster was created with this issue in mind and offers an affordable solution that was made for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Are you looking into the digital marketing? Then Flowster is exactly what you're looking for!

Flowster has the world's largest library of process templates for digital marketing and is constantly expanding its selection. But don't worry if you're in another sector. The library extends to many other types of businesses and has options for standardization of business operations like onboarding, payments, and sales processes.

The app is compatible with over 1,000 integrations, including Calendly, Gmail, and Google Sheets, allowing team members to do virtually everything in the same program. This function also allows for in-program updates of other apps, ensuring a smooth user experience. No more digital fatigue from navigating between tabs and different programs- everything is wrapped in a simple package!

Further, Flowster is a helpful tool for managers to get a quick overview of employee progress and the team's work with the task calendar. It allows for delegation and reassigning assignments to staff without needing to send multiple emails or messages. Moreover, the app has a function for searching completed tasks, meaning managers can backtrack previous work with ease. 

Learn more and schedule a demo at: To find out more about how to systematize your business, contact

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