Best Atlanta, GA Insurance Adjuster School: Learn Online At Your Own Pace

Jan 24, 2022

Looking for the best claims adjuster school in Atlanta, GA? Call Major Adjusters today (312-883-2064) for the beginner-friendly, flexible course you deserve!

Best Atlanta, GA Insurance Adjuster School: Learn Online At Your Own Pace

Interested in becoming a claims adjuster and want to learn on your own time? Major Adjusters has the solution!

The Atlanta school’s course is ideal for you if you are seeking a lucrative and satisfying career but don’t have a university degree. Entry-level positions for claim adjusters pay $25 to $45 per hour on average, and the top 10% earn over $100,000 per year.

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Major Adjusters’ recently updated insurance claims adjuster training course is broken down into nine sections for individuals seeking a profitable but challenging career in claims adjusting. The revised version is great for individuals transitioning between jobs and lack flexibility in their schedule. It takes approximately 40 hours to complete the state-required property and casualty course which covers everything including how to get started as a claims adjuster.

Claims adjusters focus on inspecting auto and property damage to determine how much the client insurance company should pay for their damages or losses. Adjusters have the opportunity to work in different locations and can even work from home. They can work various claims, including personal liability, home, auto, worker’s compensation, credit card companies, mortgage companies, and banks.

Their program is perfect for insurance, desk, staff, claims, public, catastrophe, and auto adjusters. Students will be able to access an array of insurance pre-licensing courses before starting the following sections and can take them on their own time. Students get a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee in case they are unsatisfied with their experience for any reason.

By enrolling, the student will be able to take advantage of ten hours of career tips, resume building, career roadmaps, job strategies, and career-changing game plans. The student will also receive help to apply for a license and find a job upon successfully completing the course.

Major Adjusters is a black and female-owned company founded by Ebahi Ejerekhile. She has over 4 years of industry experience and is a state-licensed public adjuster.

A satisfied client said: “I am truly happy that I met Ebahi. Through her coaching and sharing access to the training, I was able to pass my state exam without ever going over any practice test questions that were not a part of the lectures. I am actually on her team now professionally and I know that together we will build a profitable situation for us both.”

Major Adjusters is the top Atlanta, GA, claims adjuster training school - call them today at 312-883-2064 to start your education!

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