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Jul 2, 2024

Want a concrete driveway that truly stands out from the rest? For repairs and resurfacing in your chosen design, call Waltz Concrete in Ann Arbor at +1-517-605-8184 today!

Expert Ann Arbor Concrete Contractors!

Your concrete driveway has a lot of work to do. Not only does it have to hold up to your vehicle’s weight over many years, but it has to look great too! Be sure of its quality by hiring experienced contractors such as Ann Arbor’s own Waltz Concrete…

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That’s right - Waltz Concrete is here to make sure your community has access to the finest driveway repair and replacement work. This local contractor is ready to lay new driveways comprised of colored or stamped concrete while meeting your highest expectations.

Its concrete driveway services draw from aspects of its footing design and foundation construction expertise. Does your driveway need to be overhauled and replaced with new concrete? Waltz Concrete will assess your site’s soil conditions and install a durable base and surface.

A well-constructed driveway will have a huge impact on your property’s curb appeal - that’s exactly why professional contractor services are vital. You can significantly upgrade your existing driveway aesthetics with either repairs or replacements… as long as the work is done by Waltz Concrete!

Custom Stamped Concrete - Done Your Way

Concrete is particularly versatile - and as such, Waltz Concrete can offer you a range of surface designs.

“Concrete not only adds value to the home but allows for customization like no other material does,” explains Waltz Concrete. “For example, stamped concrete can give you the option of making your driveway look like wooden plank or cobblestone.”

If you’re looking to restore a cracked or spalling concrete driveway, longevity is rightfully one of your main concerns. Don’t worry, though - concrete will serve you well. When installed with Waltz Concrete’s proven process, your newly prepared driveway can hold up for decades!

What’s more, maintenance can keep your concrete structure in the best condition. This local team fixes damage caused by Michigan’s seasonal temperature fluctuations. Don’t let the weather wear down your driveway!

Waltz Concrete is an established contractor in and around Ann Arbor. Their team will apply expert foundation construction techniques to projects calling for retaining walls, patios, and other property additions. Ready to book your service? Head to their official website or call the team over the phone - it’s that easy!

This contractor can repair and replace concrete - stamped with confidence!

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