Best Amazon Listing Optimization With Pay-Per-Click Advertising & Graphic Design

May 30, 2024

Trying and failing to get optimum listings for your Amazon products? Finding all the admin and marketing tiresome? You need The Amazon Whisperer! Full-service account management that will send your sales skyward!

If you're an Amazon seller, you already know how revolutionary the platform has been for independent businesses but are you making the most out of having a global market at your fingertips? Are you letting admin or the marketing side of things slip?

You need The Amazon Whisperer's full-service account management solutions for e-commerce companies like yours! More details at

Are you currently selling over $50,000 per month? Now there's a way to optimize your account and increase your sales! From listing optimization to inventory management and forecasting, The Amazon Whisperer helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.


The company's services include the implementation of pay-per-click advertising and expert search engine optimization solutions to help drive more traffic to your products. This type of targeted marketing puts your inventory at the top of listings and product detail pages, increasing sales in the process. The Amazon Whisperer's reach extends to off-platform advertising too.

Each strand of the company's enterprise solutions combines to build the profile and brand identity of your products. The full-service account management option includes PPC services, SEO, graphic design, A+ content creation, inventory control, cataloging, and account administration, but you can pick and choose which services you require.

Optimize Your Amazon Store

The Amazon Whisperer performs daily health checks on your account to ensure that customer ratings are high, eliminating the threat of suspension from the platform. The team also provides fast resolution of A to Z claims for reimbursement from customers who weren't satisfied with their purchases.

Amazon Liaison

In addition, the company provides daily management of any seller support cases. “There will be many issues with your account that you cannot resolve on your own and need help from the Amazon support team,” says a spokesperson. “Our team will handle all these cases for you to resolve any issues that come up.”

Bi-weekly meetings are held to ensure that The Amazon Whisperer team is on track with your goals. The team produces regular reports to keep you abreast of performance and progress.

Keyword Kudos

As regards SEO, The Amazon Whisperer performs a detailed analysis of what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Your listings are then tailored to capitalize on any relative strengths and weaknesses of rival brand products. 

Advanced tools are used to create lists of niche keywords which help search engines find and promote your Amazon listings to higher ranking on searches. These keywords are placed strategically throughout product descriptions to ensure your products are found by more prospective customers.

The Amazon Whisperer has been providing custom e-commerce services since 2021. You can schedule a consultation via the website's booking page.

A spokesperson adds, “With a unique blend of SEO mastery, captivating graphic design, and strategic PPC campaigns, we navigate the intricacies of Amazon, ensuring your brand stands out amidst the digital roar.”

Elevate your sales with The Amazon Whisperer!

Key Benefits:

  • Expert PPC & SEO: Increase visibility and drive more traffic.
  • Daily Health Checks: Maintain high customer ratings.
  • Graphic Design: Informative infographics, ​lifestyle photos and A+ content
  • Customizable Services: Choose only what you need.
  • Dedicated Support: Seamless resolution of seller issues.
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Meetings: Stay informed on performance.

Discover how to take your business to the next level with The Amazon Whisperer!

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