Best 2000s Advertising Songs: Top 10 Jingles To Inspire Branding Campaigns

Dec 22, 2022

Jingles are not dead! According to Voices, the leading platform for voice actors, jingles are poised to make a comeback in today’s short-form-driven advertising landscape.

Best 2000s Advertising Songs: Top 10 Jingles To Inspire Branding Campaigns

If Ricola can sell millions of cough drops with just a man yodeling "Ricola!!!" from the top of a mountain, you can make a great jingle for your ad campaign. Voices can help connect you to the right talent!

While jingles became less popular in the last decade, Voices asserts that it is still an important tool that you can use to create long-lasting name recall and brand recognition.

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Big brands can afford to buy the rights to the song of a big artist and even hire the artists themselves, while smaller businesses have to be creative and come up with original jingles to develop brand recognition. However, the voice over platform believes that this can definitely work in your favor.

According to Voices, creating an original jingle is highly beneficial for any advertising campaign. Words or messages that are set to music are easier to remember, especially when the words are repeated. This guarantees that your customers will remember your brand name for a long time.

The voice over talent platform gives the McDonald’s “I’m Loving It” jingle the top spot because of the simplicity of the tagline and the five-note jingle that has become iconic all over the world. Voices believes that this is proof that you don’t need complicated catchphrases or music to make a jingle work. On the contrary, it is the simplest ones that perform the best.

Aside from keeping it simple, the voice over expert emphasizes the need for brands to match the jingles with catchy visuals. Quiznos with their “We Love the Subs” ad campaign used a shocking element to catch the viewer’s attention - rodents. The concept was so bizarre and the jingle was so simple, but it is the brand’s most successful campaign to date.

Voices points out that even if original jingles are not de rigueur, there are decades of data that support their efficacy. In the era of social media, many advertising experts say that jingles will make a comeback because their short punchy lines go well with short-form content.

“Jingles are here to stay and there are many ways to make a great jingle. Ultimately, it all comes down to making sure you stick in your audience’s mind,” a spokesperson said.

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