Best 100% Cotton Thread For Clothing & Crafts Projects Comes In On-Trend Colors

Jul 27, 2023

Valdani Inc has the high-quality embroidery thread you need to make truly beautiful pieces in the most on-trend colors for 2023.

If you embroider, there is only one name you need to know when it comes to thread - Valdani Inc.

The company’s new embroidery threads have been crafted from 100% colorfast hand-dyed Egyptian cotton and are available to you in three sizes: size 5, which is a heavy thicker thread, size 8, which is a standard medium thread, and 12, which is a fine thread recommended to you for delicate projects. Valdani Inc has long crafted threads for quilters, crochetiers and more, and they are proud to now be making threads with embroiderers like you specifically in mind.

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The trend for embroidery continues to grow in North America in 2023. As a recent article on Ferbena described, this year embroidery is especially in fashion, with embroidered shoes, handbags, hats, dresses, jackets and blouses all on-trend for women.

Witnessing the significant growth of embroidery in the textiles sector, Valdani Inc knows that you are likely making custom embroidered pieces both for your own personal wear and for sale on boutique platforms like Etsy and at in-person crafts markets.

As such, the thread makers have designed their new hand-dyed Egyptian cotton threads in a vast selection of new colors, including both single-hue and variegated options. If you are an embroiderer who is making clothing and home decor to sell, you’ll love that Valdani has taken inspiration from 2023’s most on-trend colors.

As a recent article by Elle magazine described, this year the top colors are greens, from sage to deep emerald; cool lavenders and lilacs; bold pantone orange; light brown, which Elle describes as the new neutral; 70s-inspired mustard yellow; rose and raspberry blush; and finally, powder blue. Now, you can find all these distinct and fashionable hues in Valdani’s new 100% colorfast collection.

Valdani Inc is proud to be one of the largest homes for threads in North America, and their expert team is available to you if you need advice to find the best thread for your projects.

A spokesperson for the handcrafted thread makers said, “We are constantly bringing you new products, amazing colors and on-trend color combinations, so that your embroidery can become a work of art. Check back with us every month to find out about the newest and most popular colors and products.”

Whether you are a raspberry blush fan or a cool lavender lover, Valdani has the embroidery thread you need.

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