Berwick Common Rail Injector Testing & Repairs: Delphi-Authorised Experts

Jun 10, 2024

Extract Engineering (01228 558866) is one of the UK’s leading specialists in common rail diesel injectors and pumps, and they’re conveniently located for heavy vehicle operators in Berwick and other parts of Scotland.

Delphi-Approved Test & Repair

Why send your diesel injectors half-way across the country when one of the top test facilities is on your doorstep? Extract Engineering is one of only 12 Delphi-approved facilities for commercial diesel injector testing and repair in the UK, and they’re just down the road in Carlisle.

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They use the latest generation of common rail injector test benches, the Hartridge AVM-2 PC, and they can help with systems from Delphi, DENSO, VDO, and Bosch. Their expertise is so highly regarded, they even contributed to Delphi’s development program.

Sending your diesel injectors to a Delphi-approved centre in Preston or the Midlands can have significant cost and time implications. Not only do you have a much closer alternative, you also have the peace-of-mind that your injectors are being serviced by the best in the business.

“Our mix of modern test equipment and experience gives you the best diesel injector cleaning and testing service available in Cumbria, the Northwest, and Scotland,” a company representative explained. “Garages, commercial fleet operators, agricultural and plant engineers all trust our services. We have returned diesel engines to full efficiency and low emissions for owners across Scotland, Cumbria and Lancashire.”

Why You Need Specialist Support

While modern common rail diesel injectors are considerably more efficient than their older mechanical counterparts, they are also manufactured to much finer tolerances, making them more susceptible to contaminants and/or wear and tear. As a result, it is recommended that injectors be tested and serviced by qualified specialists in order to maintain optimal performance.

Extract Engineering tests and repairs the most advanced common rail injectors to OEM standards, including correct coding. As part of Delphi’s network of authorised test facilities, the team has also completed the most up-to-date courses and training.

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About Extract Engineering

Company manager and lead engineer Steve Jefferson has been working with diesel injector systems for his entire career, and his expertise was sought by Delphi during the development and field testing of their latest generation of testing equipment. In addition to common rail systems, the firm retains the equipment and knowledge required to service older mechanical systems.

“Even though we’re based in Scotland, we always go to Extract Engineering for any injector or fuel testing issues,” one client recently stated. “They always provide a brilliant service, and that peace-of-mind is something that can’t be bought.”

If you’re a heavy vehicle operator in Scotland, the Borders, or the Northwest, Extract

Engineering offers industry-leading local expertise.

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