BEING Happy SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! Book Released To Eliminate Depression Stress Lethargy & Manifest An Inspired Life & Desires

Oct 14, 2016

Medical doctor, humanitarian and teacher Louis Koster has released his first Spanish language book SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! to help people live inspired lives. It translates as BEING Happy: How to be really happy! and focuses on eliminating stress and unhappiness in people’s lives.

Author Louis Koster, medical doctor, humanitarian and teacher, has released his first book SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! The title translates BEING Happy: How to be really happy! The book focuses on how to eliminate depression, lethargy, stress, unhappiness and bad moods and manifest an inspired life.

More information on Louis Koster and his book SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! is available at:

Only 27 percent of Latinos reported that they would seek mental health services when in need of help as compared to 40 percent of whites saying they would seek treatment according to research reported in Health Services Research.

The U.S Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health, “Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity Supplement,” reported that among all Latinos with mental disorders, fewer than 1 in 11 contact mental health specialists, while fewer than 1 in 5 contact general health care providers.

As Louis Koster’s first Spanish language book published in the series “A New Language For Life” which delves into what it takes for a conscious person to take their life to the next level, SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! was written to raise the level of consciousness authentically through one’s own language.

The book’s main focus is on how to eliminate depression, lethargy, stress, unhappiness and ordinary bad moods and give direction to those who are stuck, unsure, at a cross-roads or believe that there is more to life than what they are now experiencing.

SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! contains detailed steps and instructions designed to be used by people who are serious about being happy to help them trust themselves and have the power to manifest their heartfelt desires quickly with as little stress as possible.

The full how-to book spans three key points: peace – how to be more present even if a person has interfering self-criticizing thoughts; fulfillment – how to re-energize one’s sense of fulfillment when one feels stuck in guilt and worry or feels immobilized by the past; and freedom – how to be free to dream.

Told along with Koster’s own compelling story, he said he wrote the book to help people on their journey of awakening to their true nature and to provide new perspective to some of the issues that they are currently dealing with in their lives.

Koster has a background in public health, family medicine, organizational development and transformational training which helped shape the creation of the book. He served for more than ten years as a medical doctor for Doctors Without Borders, The International Committee of The Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations in trouble spots around the globe.

SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! will be represented at the International Book Fair October 19-23, in Frankfurt, Germany. It is available for purchase on Amazon at:

More information about Louis Koster and his new book SER Feliz: ¡Cómo ser feliz realmente! is available by visiting the website listed above.

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