Behavioral Health App For Healthcare Equity: Doctor-Supervised Conversational AI

Jun 27, 2024

Are you a behavioral healthcare provider struggling with a backlog of cases? Check out curaJOY’s MyCuraJOY platform, an app designed to help you help children and their families.

If you’re a healthcare provider, you’re probably aware of all the issues the system is currently facing. Physician burnout, long waiting times, and an endless backlog of people who desperately need help but can’t get it… The list goes on. 

There’s no easy solution to any of this, but there are things that can help, and one of the most promising advances in the field is curaJOY’s upcoming MyCuraJOY app, an AI-enhanced and doctor-supervised behavioral healthcare platform that will be available on all devices. With science-backed content and a kid-centric approach to youth social-emotional wellness, those much-needed healthcare services will never be out of reach for anyone - in fact, they’ll literally be in the palm of your hands.

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The Importance of Mental Health Services

So, why are mental health services so important? As it turns out, a healthy mind not only leads to a healthy body, but a healthy economy as well. According to estimates provided by the WHO, every $1 USD spent on improving treatment for depression and anxiety leads to a return of $4 USD in the ability to work, underscoring the health and economic benefits associated with greater investments in mental healthcare. 

Additional findings from the study show that mental disorders are increasing worldwide, a fact that curaJOY partly attributes to inadequate care for children belonging to marginalized communities.

Mental Healthcare Starts Early

No child starts out with behavior problems; these problems are often the result of trauma, abuse, hunger, or developmental delays. 

The thing is, youths with underdeveloped social-emotional skills are more likely to be inappropriately assessed for special education services, and BIPOC students tend to be disciplined more harshly and receive exclusionary punishments, which exacerbate these issues. curaJOY also cites a lack of resources for non-English-speaking students as another factor in inaccurate evaluations of a child’s development; for example, testing in English may lead to unnecessary special education assessments for Spanish-speaking children.

In order to bridge this gap, curaJOY’s MyCuraJOY app will be available in Chinese and Spanish in addition to English, allowing children from these minority groups to access behavioral healthcare in their native language.

The platform’s clinician-created content is built on evidence-based treatments and activities developed by health providers, using a combination of gamification, machine learning, and doctor-supervised conversational AI to complement mental health assessments. As well as helping users track their symptoms and behaviors, establish positive habits and life skills, and earn real-world rewards for progress, the app can be used as a tool to facilitate open communication between family members, as it encourages participation from the whole household.

You may have doubts since AI is involved, but rest assured, this technology has been tested extensively and, as previously mentioned, is continuously supervised by real medical professionals. In fact, MyCuraJOY’s AI algorithm is so advanced that its clinical decisions rival those made by Ph.D.-level behavioral health professionals. Take it from Dr. Marc Lanovaz of the University of Montreal, who conducted lengthy research on the platform. Other experts in behavior analysis, like Dr. Jonathan Tarbox from the University of Southern California, openly support MyCuraJOY.

About curaJOY

curaJOY is a non-profit organization committed to providing proactive and community-driven solutions for families struggling with mental health. They work closely with clinicians, youth educators, researchers, and parents to address the growing need for behavioral healthcare worldwide.

Interested in adopting MyCuraJOY for use in your health institution, school, or organization? Or maybe you want to contribute to the cause and sponsor additional languages? Either way, you can visit to get in touch with curaJOY, and they’ll be happy to work with you. With everyone helping each other, we’ll be able to change the world, one child at a time. 

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