Beginner’s Guide To Choosing First Affordable 3D Printer Under $200 Budget

Dec 25, 2023

Are you looking to get into 3D printing on a budget? Functionalize has you covered! Use this guide to find the top models under $200.

If you’re a beginner maker and need a 3D printer fast, or you’re just looking for an affordable model to kick off your hobby, these budget options from Functionalize are ideal.

Read the guide to discover the key things to look out for with your first 3D printer purchase – and which entry-level model is worth the cash!

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The guide explains that the $200 price point is ideal if you’ve not tried 3D printing before and want to determine your level of enjoyment before fully committing. With some devices on the market costing more than $3,000, gaining experience before opting for leading-edge models is important.

The global 3D printing market is expanding rapidly, with experts at Proto Labs predicting 17% growth by the end of 2023 alone. As demand increases, prices are becoming more competitive. You now have a wider selection of printers to consider when starting out, and Functionalize's guide examines the features and capabilities of leading budget models to identify those best suited for your needs.

With budget 3D printers, build area size and print accuracy are important factors. Functionalize recommends the Anet A8 for its 0.1 to 0.2mm print precision. As an open-source printer, the Anet A8 also offers flexibility for upgrades and customization as skills advance.

For faster set-up with less hassle, the Mini Desktop 3D Printer is a top choice. It reaches operating temperature in just three minutes and has a compact build area ideal for entry-level users.

Breakpoint printing allows a project to resume printing from the exact stop point after a lapse in power. This innovative feature is a key strength of the Creality Ender 3. However, the assembly process is complex, so Functionalize suggests this model may be better suited if you’ve already got some prior experience.

With its thorough analysis of factors from print resolution to set-up time, Functionalize's guide provides the details needed to select the right budget 3D printer. As the market expands, you can leverage the site's insights to confidently choose a model that matches your skills, needs, and goals.

A spokesperson states: "One of these printers should be perfect if you're just starting out. And remember, there's a massive market of printers out there waiting for you, so feel free to do your own research and keep looking."

Looking for a cheap model to get you going fast? You’re in the right place!

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