Beginner Crypto Investing Guide On Exchanges, Diversification & Storage

Apr 22, 2024

Cryptocurrency might be a volatile proposition for investors but, with the right amount of research and a long-term view, it can also be very lucrative. Learn how with The Crypto Merchant’s guide for new DeFi investors.

Interested in crypto as an investment option? Wondering how to get started but need some advice and expertise from those in the know?

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Risks & Rewards

Explore how to buy crypto, safely store it, and grow your crypto account. The piece cautions that while investing in crypto can be lucrative, the high volatility in the market creates a high level of risk – especially if you're a beginner.

Finding An Exchange

The guide explains the essential first step for any fledgling crypto investor, which is to find a reliable exchange. You have many options when it comes to exchanges, making thorough research a vital part of getting started. Coinbase,, and Kraken are among the most popular and carry a strong reputation for security and reliability.


As with traditional currency, maintaining a diverse portfolio of digital assets is a wise approach for you to take. The internet is full of resources with a wide range of blogs, news sites, podcasts, and social media commentators which, according to the article, alert you to new opportunities and help you capitalize on the momentum of the market.

Top Tips

The piece offers a list of tips for strategic investing success. Defining investment preferences that align with your goals, setting spending limits, maintaining a diverse portfolio, the HODL strategy (holding onto investments even during market downturns), and techniques like dollar cost averaging can all help grow your account while mitigating risk.

The article states, “Utilize a combination of caution, expertise, and strategic thought when navigating this environment. Keep in mind that the world of cryptocurrencies is both exciting and dynamic.”


Security is a primary consideration in the crypto space. The guide highlights hardware wallets as the most robust method of safely storing your currency. The Crypto Merchant stocks a wide range of these devices from leading brands such as Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, and BitBox. Hardware wallets store your assets offline, making them virtually impenetrable by hackers and a safer choice than the many online exchanges that offer storage.

The store employs a team of expert advisors who are always on hand to offer you guidance on which type of device is most suitable for your needs.

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