BeeSeen Legal Virtual Attorneys handling all back office and paralegal functions

BeeSeen Legal (631-400-4234) of Huntington, NY, is offering its expert LPO services, connecting your firm with a team of over 70 certified lawyers capable of performing all back office and paralegal functions at a fraction of the price.

LPO: An Answer to Your Paperwork Woes

Paperwork is the engine that drives the legal system forward, and the bread and butter of every law practice. However, as regulatory oversight increases and compliance becomes more difficult, finding an in-house specialist who can ensure those standards are upheld can be nigh impossible.

If this is something that your practice struggles with, then perhaps it is time to consider a legal process outsourcing (LPO) partnership. With an LPO partner, you no longer need to go through the lengthy process involved in document review, drafting or filing legal documents, or e-discovery.

BeeSeen Legal is an industry-leading LPO provider, specializing in virtual paralegal services and capable of helping your team accomplish all of the above processes and more. Providing Virtual Attorneys that support all back office and Paralegal Functions at a fraction of the price.

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Why Use An LPO?

With growing customer scrutiny over fees and pricing and the increasing capabilities of information technology, many law firms and corporations have been turning to LPO services to remain competitive.

BeeSeen notes that LPO can provide benefits including cost savings, increased efficiency and scalability, and access to specialized expertise. The American Enterprise Institute estimates that LPO can generate savings of up to 70 percent on outsourced services for some organizations.

BeeSeen Legal: A Quality LPO Partner

Nicholas Iorio Partner explains, "it is essential to choose a provider who communicates well, collaborates easily, and has robust data security and confidentiality. The new program from BeeSeen Legal offers clients the opportunity to take advantage of its premium services and avoid the pitfalls of poorly structured or executed LPO partnerships."

The program includes guided support from BeeSeen's dedicated teams to ensure clients receive proper direction on enhancing workflows, achieving quicker turnaround times, and increasing overall productivity and efficiency. With over 70 Bar-admitted and qualified lawyers  working in a dedicated environment, the program provides access to a team with extensive experience and next generation technologies.

What Can BeeSeen Do For You?

BeeSeen showcases its LPO expertise in areas of the legal process ranging from pre-filing to after-judgement proceedings. The firm specializes in time-sensitive research, document review, e-discovery, and case law analysis for litigation as well as multilingual research, legal compliance monitoring, and quality control for lawyers, law firms, and corporations.

Peter Pinto Executive Director shared: "Our programs are designed to encourage firms to gain direct insight to services through a Free trial without any commitments. The team at BeeSeen Legal is focused on delivering exceptional quality and service with a proven track record of success. Through a global footprint of delivery centers, clients have access to cutting edge technologies, and teams that work as a pure extension of their internal departments, allowing them to scale without the traditional heavy costs associated."

BeeSeen's wide-ranging expertise is available now following the official launch of their service. To connect with their skilled team of experts and discuss a new LPO partnership. To Learn More and Schedule a Free Trial visit

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