Become indispensable at work with Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Jun 17, 2021

Are you a project leader that is frustrated watching your co-workers or colleagues get the jobs and promotions you want … even though you are more qualified?​

The job market is super competitive right now …

And yeah… that’s not new news.

Especially with everything going on.

Working from home.

Companies downsizing.

Lots of hardships.

But this also presents BIG opportunities.

Opportunities to help you stand out.

Ways to become indispensable to your company.

Increasing your value.

Whether you are aiming for that coveted promotion.

Or a better job.

There’s no reason to stay stuck…

Get looked over.

Or never get a raise.

So what can you do?

Most people think it’s designing the perfect resume.

Working longer hours.

Saying “yes” to every project.

And while those can be helpful.

They won’t get an HR manager or VP to say:

“Wow! Where has this person been hiding?”

Because despite having a great job “aesthetics.”The only real thing that will get you to the top…

Are producing tangible, measurable results.

Hi there! I’m Jennifer Holbus CEO of The Holbus Training Group.

As a corporate warrior and project manager, I know what it takes to elevate your career.

Like, get your resume on the top 10 list of your dream company.

Or increase your team’s productivity and get that promotion.

As a Six Sigma Black Belt trainer and course creator…

I help all kinds of project managers get to where they want to go.

Pssst..Earning a badge alone isn’t enough.

A Six Sigma certification is great…

And my course will get you there.

But putting what you’ve learned into action is SUPER challenging.

That’s why my certification and training course shows you how to implement your Six Sigma certification for real results….

Results that your company or hiring manager will notice.

Because I show you how to:

Create a hire-worthy resume.

Improve your communication-style and influence.

Stay cool, calm, and responsive under pressure.

Respond to problems diplomatically.

Understand personality types and what motivates them to be their best.


You don’t have to use the pandemic as an excuse for staying stuck.

You can still:

Earn a promotion.

Get that raise.

Land your dream job.

If you’re ready to FINALLY move forward in your career.

And make a big impact.

You’ll want to click the link below:

Enter a valid email and I’ll send you a short video.

You’ll learn more about me and the program.

And how Six Sigma certification and training

can change your life.

See you soon!


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