Beavercreek Labs: The Fastest Growing Skincare Manufacturing Startup

Jun 24, 2021

A study from Beavercreek Labs highlighting the benefits of doing private label instead of product formulation for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Beavercreek Labs revealed their new case study today on “The Benefits Of Private Label For Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs.” This case study demonstrates how brands can develop MPV’s (Minimum Viable Product Offerings) by using the Private Label system when hiring a skincare manufacturer.

The case study also made it evident that the benefits are associated with faster Ready-To-Market times and a 65% decrease in the costs and risks associated with a product-launch process.

Customer Success Manager Jenny Rogers says many people are looking for insights and answers about using Private Label as a starting point in their skincare journey. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the correct information and guidance.

The case study is available at Beavercreek Labs.

About Beavercreek Labs:

Beavercreek Labs was founded in 2018 and serves the Clean Beauty Industry. It is known for specializing in manufacturing and product development for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Founded by a group of chemists from California that had worked for several years with some of the biggest beauty brands in the USA but decided to create their entrepreneurial journey and opened their first manufacturing facility in Portland City (OR) to help aspiring start-ups and entrepreneurs develop effective and innovative skincare solutions for the North American market

Beavercreek Labs Features:

-Customized solutions for Startups and Entrepreneurs.

-Clean Beauty Ingredients approach. This their core belief, that all beauty products should be a safe experience for everyone, without any future implications to their health and wellness.

-Quality obsessed. Every batch follows FDA GMP guidelines to ensure the best quality products and long-lasting shelf life.

– Global Expertise. A team of chemists and formulators with vast experience working for some of the best skincare brands in the market.

To learn more about Beavercreek Labs, visit or contact Jenny Rogers at to get a quote for manufacturing, product development, or private label.

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