Beautiful Hand Sewn Memory Quilts Of Old T-Shirts Made In Arlington Heights IL

Apr 14, 2024

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a favorite teenager, try a t-shirt quilt. Quilted Memories LLC creates handmade quilts out of t-shirts and other materials. It’s backed with fleece, making it soft and comfortable.

Quilted Memories LLC brings you the launch of its t-shirt quilts. They are based out of Arlington Heights, Illinois and their high-quality quilts can be used as a gift for school graduations and other special occasions.

Quilted Memories LLC in Arlington Heights, Illinois, brings you the launch of their range of handmade t-shirt and memory quilts. These make great gifts for your youngsters who are graduating out of school or college.

When various other mementos run the risk of getting lost or being broken, memory t-shirt quilts are a practical and long-lasting keepsake. It can be used for many years and can bring back many nostalgic, good memories for your loved ones.

All the quilts created by Quilted Memories LLC are handmade. They can be created out of any old material that has emotional value for the recipient. Most often, they are created out of old t-shirts. Your old photographs can also be incorporated into the design. In these ways, it is customized according to the clothing and other materials provided by you.

These quilts can also be used as gift items for special occasions such as birthdays and the holidays. The quilters who make the products have decades of experience and bring unwaveringly high quality to their work. These quilts can be confidently gifted because they are made of the highest quality fleece as the backing material for the t-shirts. As opposed to the thin cotton backing provided by other quilts, these are very warm, soft, and durable.

Quilted Memories LLC gives you complete control over the quilt that you are ordering. A design kit is emailed to every customer so that the design can be easily finalized without a lot of back and forth.

Quilted Memories LLC gives a portion of the proceeds from every quilt that is sold by them to the SEWonderful Quilts Organization.

For more information visit their website at or call them on +1-630-423-5996.

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