Beautiful Flower Shower Curtains by Artist Sarah James: Unique Home Decor Idea

May 31, 2024

Style your bathroom with the power of the flowers with a summer-themed shower curtain from Sarah James Jazz Merch, adding a truly unique touch to your home!

Bring Summer Inside With Sarah James Jazz Merch's Shower Curtains

Who doesn't love summer? So why not bring the season with you inside with one of Sarah James Jazz Merch's designer shower curtains featuring beautiful flowers? They will add a bit of summer jazz to your bathroom and help you create your own relaxing little paradise at home.

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The New York multi-media artist Sarah James is behind the collection of shower curtains and has a large selection of shower curtains with photos of her favorite flowers that make a perfect home decor detail for flower and summer lovers.

How Sarah Got the Idea for Photo Print Shower Curtains

Sarah James, who primarily is a jazz singer, got the idea for her e-commerce brand Sarah James Jazz Merch during the pandemic when she couldn't perform. She started with jazz-themed merch and T-shirts featuring her street photography of NYC graffiti and extended her selection to shower curtains last year.

Red Summer Rose Bliss

Among the shower curtain prints is a bouquet of some of Sarah's favorite flowers in red hues that will add a warm and tropical theme to your bathroom. Sarah suggests some other uses for the artistic shower curtain, like a background for a family summer portrait or as a shading design element for the back porch.

"Red roses! Red majestic peonies! Hot pink peonies! What could be better," Sarah James said. "To me, red is the color of summer! So here in full red are roses, peonies, some kind of berry and it's all red- perfect for a kindred spirit of summer red!"

Bold Shower Curtains Trending in 2024

According to the design blog Emily Henderson, statement shower curtains are an upcoming trend of 2024, calling it a "low-risk, high-reward statement" and an easy option for trying out new styles.

More Photo Prints

Some other floral photo prints in the shower curtain collection include tulips, echinaceas, ranunculus, and freesias in colors like yellow, pink, and white. Sarah James also has other seasonal options, as well as cats, instruments, and Buddhist-themed curtains available.

Sarah James Jazz Merch's shower curtains are available in 71-inch × 74-inch and have buttonholes for hook placement. They are made of 100% polyester, a durable and water-resistant fabric that dries fast and can be machine-washed.

About Sarah James

Sarah James was born and raised in New York. Influenced by her musical family, she started touring the country as a jazz musician in the early 70s before returning to the East Coast. In addition to her home decor and merch collections, Sarah is working on a documentary about jazz singers and has previously released a book on aromatherapy.

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