Be Your Authentic Self & Achieve Success With Tony J. Selimi’s Self-Mastery Book

Feb 10, 2023

Find out how being yourself & loving yourself can put you on the path to success, wealth, and happiness with Tony Jeton Selimi’s award-winning book, The Unfakeable Code®.

Be Your Authentic Self & Achieve Success With Tony J. Selimi's Self-Mastery Book

What do you love about yourself?

What inspires you?

What is success for you?

What is your life purpose?

Who are you, really?

If you find these questions difficult to answer, most likely, you’re disconnected from your true self. With so many expectations placed on you by the people around you - friends, parents, spouses, managers, clients - it may be hard to focus on yourself and the direction you want to go.

If you want to find the courage to be yourself and discover what great things you can achieve, read the new book by award-winning life coach Tony Jeton Selimi, “The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms”.

The book explores the topic of self-acceptance, explaining how embracing your true authentic self will allow you to manifest success and live a meaningful and rewarding life. Tony Selimi, who has delivered over 25,000 hours of coaching and dedicated 30 years to studies of engineering, technology, organizational behaviour, human psychology and unlocking human potential, shares his proprietary life-transforming principles for creating breakthroughs in all areas of life.

The new book addresses a common problem experienced by many of today’s professionals - the dependence of their self-worth on other people’s opinions. According to Tony, this often stems from the fear of rejection or not fitting in and causes them to become people pleasers at their own expense, leading to suppressed emotions, anxiety, low productivity, and lack of self-love. Does that sound like you?

The globally famous and award-winning transformational life coach believes that any person can achieve unlimited growth and fulfillment, regardless of personal challenges, past trauma, and external events. So can you! The key to realizing your true potential is discovering and accepting your authentic self. Tony's book will encourage you to find out who you really are and let go of the “false persona” imposed by the expectations of others.

“You want to know your true self that was uncontaminated when you were born, until the environment and world shaped you into forgetting about who you truly are,” says Tony.

By applying the principles introduced in the new book, you will be able to upgrade your mindset and bring your life in harmony with your true inner self. This will empower you to leverage your authenticity to make better decisions, improve your relationships with others, discover your higher mission, and create an inspiring vision for positive transformations.

The new book has already received positive reviews from readers, as well as experts in the field of personal growth and self-mastery, who praise Tony Selimi’s science-based approach and practical strategies. The Unfakeable Code® has also received the “Book Excellence Award 2022” in the category "Personal Growth and Development".

“Think about all the fun, money, opportunities and relationship you’ve lost and missed because you didn’t know your true self,” said a representative for the life coach. “Imagine how beautiful your life will be when you’re shameless about your true personality.”

Stop trying to please others and unleash your true authentic self!

Go to to order your copy!

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