Basement Mold Inspection & Remediation In Toms River: Prevent Allergies & Asthma

May 23, 2024

Mold in the home is usually something that needs to be dealt with by certified professionals, and (732-504-3743) is the leading choice in the wider Toms River area.

Protect Your Home & Family

From crawl spaces to basements, mold can find many places to hide that you might not even be aware of. uses some of the latest technologies to find the existence of mold in Toms River homes, and then get rid of it for good.

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Their expert inspections include air sampling, surface sampling, moister readings, and testing at independently certified labs. As a result, they not only find mold wherever it’s hiding, but they also tell you if your home has conditions that promote mold growth.

Basements and crawl spaces are often at greater risk, but they’re no problem for the experts at If mold is found, the firm also offers full removal/remediation services, including dehumidifying and other preventative measures.

What Does The Government Say?

The New Jersey Department of Health advises that mold can pose a health concern to local homeowners, with several groups being at greater risk, including those with allergies, asthma, or other lung conditions, as well as very young or elderly individuals. The department also states that in-depth testing and remediation should be carried out by qualified contractors. states that all of its mold inspection and removal services are conducted by certified technicians, and the addition of several new technologies is aimed at helping them perform their role more effectively and efficiently.

“You would be surprised at how many customers need mold removal,” a company representative explained. “Mold is a common problem for Toms River NJ homes, even in a new home, and we use some of the most advanced technologies to discover its presence, wherever it might be hiding.”

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Headquartered in Toms River, now offers services in all the state’s counties. The firm also now offers a range of articles and information pieces on its website, designed to help local residents understand more about the different types of mold that could be present in their home.

“ provided an exceptional mold remediation service that was well executed, timely, and went through my insurance company,” one client recently stated. “The whole experience was seamless, and the team communicated every stage very well.”

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