Barnet Omnipresent Multimedia Marketing For Improved Ranking & Organic Traffic

Jun 3, 2024

Does your brand stand out from the crowd? If not, Mayfair Place Marketing (07990 795893) can help, with a technique that will do more than just put you on the map. Their omnipresent multimedia marketing will put you in the blogs, podcasts, and videos too.

Quick question - if I look for a podcast about your brand, how likely am I to find one?

If you answered "not very" to that question, then you're missing out on a golden opportunity. People don't just listen to the news anymore, they consume content in a whole range of formats. I'm going to explain how Mayfair Place Marketing can make sure that your content is one of the options, but you can also visit their website, at

Here's the short version - at least some of your customers, or potential customers, are looking for a business just like yours, probably every day. The problem is, they're not all looking in the same place - so if you focus on one type of marketing... well, your brand might as well not exist.

There's an easy solution, of course - and it won't take a whole fellowship to figure it out.

One Marketing Campaign To Rule Them All

Picture this, you have one marketing campaign, and it covers all the bases.

Okay, I'm picturing a giant squid playing baseball, that's the wrong kind of covering the bases - let's try again.

Imagine a potential customer searches for keywords associated with your brand, but when they click enter, they don't find a news article about your brand.

Instead, they find a news article, a blog, a podcast, a slideshow, an infographic, and even a video, all about how awesome your brand is. Pretty cool, right?

Except it sounds like a lot of work - it's 6 unique formats, after all.

Multimedia Marketing Made Easy

While it sounds like a lot of work, let me promise you this: this new strategy does not require you to create your own content, craft your own headlines, or manage the content once it is online.

Mayfair Place Marketing handles the entire process as a “Done-For-You” service, all you really have to do is provide a link to your website, so they know what to write about.

What if you want to do more? That's great.

You'll be encouraged to provide suggestions for topics, headlines, and any other information that should be included, while the Mayfair Place Marketing team performs their own market research on your brand, competition, and customers.

Start Slow To Dominate The Rankings

Now here's the only bad news - this technique won't get you the top spot for all your keywords overnight. You can do that - but the only way is to buy ads, and nobody wants to click a link with "sponsored ad" next to it.

Over time, this strategy works much better. It can help nearly any brand improve its search rankings for even the most competitive keywords.

However, Mayfair Place Marketing specialists advise clients to start by targeting the lower-competition keywords, to build their brands' reputation with the search engine algorithms.

Here's how it works, as each new piece of content is added, whether it is an official announcement, a blog, a podcast, a video, or something else, the search engine algorithms see it, and give the company a boost for generating interesting, relevant, and trustworthy content.

The boost applies to your main website, and most of the content that links back to your website - and over time, it will continue to grow, and help all of your links and websites to rank higher, for all the keywords.

Unlike ads, however, this content will never expire, and could still be online, helping the business for years to come.

An excerpt from the Mayfair Place Marketing website explains, “By integrating the latest digital PR methodologies, including keyword research and competitor analysis, we ensure that every aspect of our strategy aligns with your overarching objectives.”

This isn't your grandpa's marketing strategy - it's all-new, all-encompassing, and all-proven.

With the right strategy, you can reach your customers wherever they're at. Book a free and friendly consultation here:

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