This 2015 Satirical Poster Tells You Why You Are A Bad Indian Girl

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At the beginning of 2015, a poster of a sarcastic take on ‘Bad Indian Girl’ went viral and here’s another one hitting the mindsets of many perverted Indian men.

What actually defines a bad girl in our society?

According to misogynists, here are a few things that make you a bad girl – you roam around 9 pm, you file an FIR when you are raped, you wear wrong clothes, you talk in English, you work at night, you go out with boys, ….and most importantly you are the reason for rape.

bad indian girl

Is this a poster defining a bad girl or portraying the wrong thinking of a society.

BBC report the news and there were some interesting comments that are worth sharing:

“If this is bad girl, every girl should be bad. And we need such immodest sharp active ‘bad girls’ in every sphere of life, most of all in police and defence .

Women need to take back the freedoms that were taken away from them in India under invasions by bad foreign influences of patriarchal religions.

Nothing worth having has ever been obtained without a fight. Go bad girls! Reclaim your freedoms and rights again, all India will stand with you, fight with you .”  – Rational Dude

What is your take? What do you think about the poster today in 2018?