Bacteria, Mites and Other Germs Are Living In Your Carpets Says A Livermore Carpet Cleaning Business Owner

Jan 7, 2017

Mike Teleback informs us why our carpets are the perfect playground for mites, bacteria and pollen.

It's coming near the time of year when homeowners all round the world are starting to dust off the shelves, and cleaning things up after the Christmas festivities.

However, a lot of households totally forget about their carpet cleaning duties as well. Little do they know that bacteria's favourite playground is carpets!

Without getting too dramatical over things, pollen, bacteria and other entities such as dead skin and mites love carpets. Mike Teleback who owns 580 carpet cleaning in Livermore, CA says that "when you bring outdoor dust inside the house, this can turn into a problem as you are introducing pathogens into your carpets without knowing it".

Mike continues with "Think about it like this - you're out with your dog in the park and he/she steps in feces and then comes back into your house with the remains on his/her paws. This could easily introduce illness causing germs like E.Coli into your carpet".

The main risk of all this isn't actually bacterial infections, but rather allergies and the symptoms that go with these allergies.

This could be one of the reasons why people have a dose of the sniffles and they don't know why.

A recent study indicates that outdoor debris that comes into the house gets trapped in the micro fibers in the carpet, which creates a "pool of allergens". As a result, this can affect over 40 percent of Americans.

Scary, right?

Allergens like dust and pollen cause respiratory conditions when they become airborne. Mike Teleback notes: "While the likes of the sniffles are not life threatening or anything like that, it's the discomfort of constantly feeling like that which is the nuance".

How to combat this problem of bacteria living in carpets so?

Mike recommends a professional deep cleaning service from a reputable company in the area. Even if the carpet isn't due for a deep clean, it should still get one done every few months.

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