Backpack On A Budget With Easy Booking Travel Platform For University Students!

Dec 21, 2023

Ready to see the world on a shoestring budget? Travorium provides opportunities for university students to access backpacking and trekking packages at travel agent rates.

If the thought of traveling around the world has your heart fluttering but your budget is holding you back, Travorium has answers!

The company's discount travel engine allows students and other people who may have limited funds access a wide range of exotic vacation packages, at rock-bottom prices.

The platform includes discounts of up to 70% on prices for rental cars, activities, excursions hostels, resorts, and more.

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With exciting travel possibilities for students, the booking engine gives you the chance to travel at the market rate, which is usually only available for professional travel agents.

See The World

Recent statistics from Insight Global Education show that international travel can have significant benefits for students, as exposure to different countries and people can build personal confidence, raise cultural awareness, and create lifelong opportunities. With Travorium’s accessible travel engine, students of all ages can have a chance to explore the world, regardless of budget limitations. “We help students travel more, travel better, travel for less, and even travel for free,” explains a spokesperson. “With our associate program, university students can even get paid to travel and go backpacking.”

Explore Different Cultures

Some of the vacation packages and backpacking destinations that you can book through Travorium include the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Dubai, and Thailand. With access to the same rates that professional travel agents use, you have a chance to explore different countries and continents.

In addition to helping you book packages and round-the-world trips, Travorium also offers the opportunity to be part of their associate program. As an associate, you can earn extra travel credits by making referrals, which can help bring down your overall travel costs even further.

Earn Passive Income

The associate program provides a source of part-time or full-time income that can be earned from home or while on the road, while you'll also be helping others to get discounted rates on travel and see the world. The only thing you need to get started with the Travorium program is an electronic device like a phone or laptop.

With links to over 2,000 partners all over the globe, associate points can be used towards the retail price of packages on Travorium’s Dreamcation platform. “Through vacationing and backpacking with us, you can create truly unforgettable life experiences,” explains the company.

Don't put off your round-the-world trip any longer - sign up with Travorium!

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