Baby Gear Advisor Launches As Ultimate Parenting Website: Advice, Tips, & Tricks

Jan 22, 2024

There’s a new website for parents! Baby Gear Advisor is your ultimate guide on everything baby, whether you’re looking to buy new baby gear or need a little help with parenting.

Congratulations on becoming a parent! It’s an exciting time for you and your partner – but you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Stop and take a breather: It’s completely natural. This is a beautiful milestone in your life, but it’s also one of the scariest. What do you do now? What do you buy? How should you feel? All these questions in your mind may make you feel anxious.

Don’t worry. Ali Salina is here to help at

Whether you have a small concern or a big one (but let’s be honest, all concerns are valid), Ali helps you navigate these beautiful, wonderful, scary, crazy waters together.

Parents helping parents

Baby Gear Advisor announces its new website. Moderated by Ali Salina, the website regularly releases reports on various new baby gear and parenting insights.

And it’s super easy to use! You can use the tabs at the top to find the article you need! For example, you can look for articles under the “Knowledge” tab to learn more about parenting and bonding with your baby.

Even dads get sad, too

The launch comes as research from the Mental Health Foundation suggests that the most common mental health problems experienced during pregnancy and after birth are depression and anxiety. This isn’t limited to mothers; the group also stated that 10% of all new fathers worldwide experience postnatal depression.

Ali explains that it is completely natural for new parents to feel overwhelmed. She created to help you with your journey and provide you with the information you need to reduce your anxiety.

What if you’re not bonding with your baby?

The newest report on the website explains this further. Entitled, “Not Feeling the Spark with Your Little One?”, Ali describes the telltale signs that a parent may not be bonding with their babies. This may include a lack of anticipation for interactions, no urge to share baby milestones, and difficulty in decoding baby’s cues, among others.

Ali clarifies that bonding does not happen overnight and new parents should not blame themselves if they are not immediately bonded with their baby.

“There will be good days and tough days, but each day is an opportunity to connect with your baby,” she writes. “Take a deep breath and give yourself grace. You’re doing your best, and with time, the bond will grow stronger.”

Most importantly, she advises that you practice kindness to yourself. Popular media will tell you that you should instantly feel a connection with your baby. But the truth is that love tends to grow in time.

You’re not a bad mom.

You’re not a bad dad.

You just need time. It’ll come.

A guide for all things baby

Aside from parenting advice, also features articles on various baby gear that Ali has personally tested. Her honest reviews guide you to understand if that specific toy or device suits your needs and budget.

Her most recent review discussed the Palm Paradise Jumperoo by Fisher-Price. The toy is designed to be an activity haven for toddlers, promoting their sensory and motor skill development. She clarifies that this Jumperoo, while more expensive than others, is an investment in your baby’s happiness. Ali recommends you use it regularly.

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