B2B Lead Generation Services For UK Online Retailers Driving Sales With Data

Sep 19, 2023

LeadGenius is the only tool you need to make smarter sales and marketing decisions – with custom data tailored to your audience and growth goals.

If you’re a UK brand wanting to stand out online, connect with customers in more meaningful ways, and ultimately drive more sales, the key is in your language. But the right language starts with the right data – and that’s where LeadGenius can help you to thrive. You’ll be able to make smarter, more informed decisions about specific audience segments and customer behaviour. Level up your e-commerce sales at https://www.leadgenius.com/ Despite delivering over 21,000 data sets to clients worldwide, LeadGenius continually upgrades its services to help clients operate at the most productive and efficient levels. The team leverages robotic process automation in combination with data outsourcing to provide your e-commerce shop with an all-in-one tool for growth. In addition to data acquisition and analytics, you can also automate repetitive tasks such as prospect research and CRM data entry. A spokesperson notes: "Only LeadGenius delivers on-demand precision datasets and smarter insights to ops, sales, and marketing leaders needing to supercharge their efforts." Additional details are provided at https://www.leadgenius.com/casestudies/ LeadGenius' research suggests that companies leveraging these growth automation solutions see over 50% increased effectiveness from their sales teams. This is largely due to the personalisation and customisation available through enhanced data. The platform allows you to segment and target accounts with highly personalised messaging and campaigns, creating a more human connection with customers. The B2B data service includes account and contact intelligence, custom insights, vertical data sets, hyper-specific buyer personas, and more. LeadGenius' team of research analysts and automation engineers deliver tailored data packages that align with your unique business needs and go-to-market strategy. With LeadGenius, you can make more relevant connections and follow up faster. The company cites previous clients like PayPal, DoorDash, and Intercom as examples of businesses that have found success with the service. One case study shows that Intercom's marketing team has already saved over 450 hours by outsourcing contact research and enrichment for their account-based marketing campaigns. A recent client said: "I'm a huge LeadGenius fan. My team focuses its time on customer expansion and retention efforts and we have some gaps in what we know about our customers. LeadGenius helped us identify what that greenfield opportunity was across our customers to really target our messaging and campaigns to align with that." Do you want to start using data more effectively in your sales and marketing approaches? LeadGenius is for you! Check out https://www.leadgenius.com/products/ for any extra info you need!
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