Award-Winning Motivational Female Keynote Speaker Builds Unique Team Cultures

Jun 6, 2024

Tired of hearing the same old keynote speeches? Looking for a speaker with an amazing story to tell that can inspire you and your organization to new heights? Adventure Racing World Champion and firefighter Robyn Benincasa will deliver a presentation you won’t forget!

Looking for an inspirational keynote speaker for your next corporate event? Want to hear real-life stories of an adventure racing world champion who can show your organization what can be achieved with true teamwork?

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Robyn helps optimize collaboration, mindset, motivation, and culture to help you and your teams reach goals. The award-winning services include such topics as 'Building World Class Teams', 'Inspiring Greatness through G.R.I.T', and 'Why Winners Win'.

A Keynote You Won't Forget

The keynote speeches can be delivered in person or via Robyn's condensed 30 to 60 minute virtual multimedia presentation – 'Adapt, Overcome & Win As One'. All content is customized and themes are adapted to serve your business model and organizational needs. Robyn's experience in extreme team-based adventuring gives her address authenticity coupled with practical takeaways that you can implement into your operations.

Robyn's Story

Originally from Long Island, Robyn is now a veteran of the San Diego Fire Department. With over 20 years of service, she is a member of America's first all-female fire crew and helps survivors turn their negative experiences and setbacks into positive outcomes as part of her role as a CNN Hero. As a two-time Adventure Racing World Champion and Guinness World Record holder for distance kayaking, Robyn brings hard-won wisdom and insight into stamina, motivation, and working as a team.

The keynote speeches incorporate Robyn's unique experiences in adventure racing. “It’s not the same old sports analogy over and over again,'' she says. “In my keynotes, business leaders and frontline employees alike see teamwork and leadership from a completely new and entertaining angle, but most importantly, people understand very early in my presentation that they’re all adventure racers, whether they set out to be one or not.”

The Power Of Collaboration

Drawing on themes of innovating, taking risks, and determination to stay the course, the presentations have inspired thousands of people to become stronger leaders and teammates, working harder to rediscover the power of collaboration and joint resolve. Think what it could do for your business!

Start Your Event Off With A Bang!

Robyn performs her speeches over 100 times a year for Fortune 1000s, associations, user groups, and incentive events in multiple industries. The presentations are tailor-made for opening meetings, providing an immersive, motivating start to your conference or training event. The duration can be amended according to your needs but is most commonly between 30 and 60 minutes.

Her most requested keynote is based on her popular book “How Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons From The Toughest Teams On Earth.” The 'Building World Class Teams' presentation explores how to achieve breakthrough performance through creativity and collaboration.


"It was an absolute pleasure having you speak at our 2024 Spring Leadership Retreat," said a satisfied client. "We appreciated you coming to New Mexico to share your message of Adapt! Overcome! Win as One! with our audience of board members, physician leaders, and senior management. Your presentation was engaging and resonated deeply with our audience. We appreciated the skill with which you delivered your message and the storytelling that helped illustrate your poignant messages. The meeting evaluations are rolling in, and your presentation has scored very high marks."

Reinvent your team and revolutionize your business with Robyn Benincasa!

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