Award-Winning Bend, OR Luxury Home Builder Designs Custom Barndominiums & ADUs

Mar 7, 2024

Looking to turn your Bend, OR residence into the luxury home of your dreams? Get in touch with Mountain High Builders for their custom home design, construction, and remodeling services! Call them at (541) 815-0855 today!

If you’ve been on the lookout for a developer who can turn your humble abode into a modern, environmentally conscious sensation, you’ve come to the right place! Offering a host of designing, building, and remodeling services, Mountain High Builders is capable of transforming your house into the very picture of luxury. Whether you want a detached home or something a little more unconventional, like, say, a farmhouse, barndominium, cabin, or any other ADU, Mountain High Builders can bring your vision to life!

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Custom Homes Built For You

As a licensed, bonded, and insured full-service construction company, Mountain High Builders will work with you to design a luxury home with fully customizable layouts and finishes. Their services include in-house drafting, 3D modeling and rendering, and predevelopment planning with an emphasis on energy efficiency, comfort, and longevity. 

If you’re too attached to your current layout to consider a full overhaul, that’s also fine. While Mountain Home Builders specializes in new home construction, you can also submit existing plans for remodeling, upgrades, and home extensions. That way, you get the best of both worlds!

Local Expertise

Naturally, if you live in Bend, you’ll know what it’s like there. As a local contractor, Mountain High Builders is also keenly aware of the regulations and climate conditions unique to Central Oregon, ensuring that their projects are built to construction standards. 

During development, their experienced team will oversee every phase of the process, including permit acquisition and ARC submittals. Furthermore, having fostered many long-lasting relationships with reputable architects, suppliers, and other subcontractors, Mountain High Builders will provide all the necessary services to build a custom home. This eliminates the need for you to hire additional contractors. It also means less running around for you!

Because the company believes strongly in sustainability, they only employ eco-friendly construction practices and technology so that developments under their jurisdiction leave only a minimal impact on the environment. That means you can build your luxury home with a clear conscience! Combine that with Mountain High Builders’ energy-efficient home plans, and you’ve got yourself an environmental powerhouse! (Get it?)

Your Trusted Custom Home Builders

Founded by Frank Polley, Mountain High Builders has been providing residents of Central Oregon with home design, construction, and renovation services for over 25 years. The company recently won the 2023 COBA Excellence Award for Remodeler of the Year for its professionalism and high-quality service.

A satisfied client said: “Frank did an excellent job of managing our 4000-foot custom home development project. He was very focused on quality and easy to work with, which is very important when engaging in a 7-10 month project. We highly recommend Frank and his team at Mountain High Builders.”

Who said that home construction had to be hard or stressful? It certainly isn’t with Mountain High Builders on the job. If you hire an award-winning contractor, you’re guaranteed award-winning service, and that’s exactly the kind of service these pros offer you. Enjoyment of your new home doesn’t have to wait until it’s built; you can enjoy the process, too!

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