Avoid Drug-Tainted Properties With This Home Inspection Guide For Investors!

Jun 23, 2021

Are you a property investor worried about the drug history of your property? This book makes pulling the trigger easier and safer – check it out today!

One of the biggest challenges facing real estate investors today is that you can’t carry out a full inspection of properties during the pandemic. That makes it hard if you’re worried about the drug history of a home.

Adrian Louis Harris has launched a new book, called “Iced Dream Houses: 8 Things You Should Do To Avoid Buying Drug-Contaminated Properties.” It enables you to gain more certainty through the home-purchasing process, which is especially important during these times of reduced access.

Check it out today for added peace of mind, and simplify the home-buying process for your team!

Grab your copy of the book at: https://www.amazon.com.au/ICED-DREAM-HOUSES-Drug-Contaminated-Properties-ebook/dp/B08H5QQVTB

The new book launch aims to directly combat one of the biggest hurdles that you face as a result of the pandemic. Because you’re prevented from having a full inspection prior to purchase, it’s important to learn how to avoid buying properties that have been the site of illegal activities.

Buying a home that has been a base for drug use can cause a range of issues further down the line. Many reports cite that new inhabitants have fallen ill as a result of lingering residue.

Manufacturing drugs can leave trace elements on the walls of a house, in the ducts, or on surfaces. Sometimes this could get missed, and many home inspections don’t come with specific testing for certain types of drugs.

Adrian Louis Harris is a highly experienced property assessment specialist, with 15 years of work in the field. Now he has launched his new book with a view to helping you avoid buying drug-contaminated homes.

You will find in-depth guidance covering all the most important elements you need to know in order to avoid drug-tainted properties.

Investors who inadvertently buy a property contaminated by drug use or manufacturing are likely to face large fees. You also run the risk of causing health problems for inhabitants.

UK-based property investors will find the book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08GV9115D

By following the guidance in the book, you are able to manage your properties more effectively. You will know the signs to look out for, and are better able to implement diligent practices.

The author states: “While the scale of the problem is unknown, those who end up owning a meth-contaminated property face loss in several areas. These include a drop in value and sales price for a property with a history of meth contamination, rental losses while the property is decontaminated, and, in extreme cases, the demolition of the property.”

Check out https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GV9115D if you’re in the US!

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