Automate Cold Email Outreach With This AI-Powered Lead Generation Software

Mar 5, 2024

Cold emailing taking too much of your time and resources while producing unimpressive results? Let Kalendar.AI handle it for you, so you and your team can focus on closing deals! Book a demo today and see the magic for yourself.

So how much does a handful of leads cost if you try the cold outreach approach?

According to one LinkedIn user who crunched the numbers, expect to pay around $74 per opportunity to hop on a call with someone you’d still need to convince to buy.

Depending on what you sell, $74 could be a game-changer or a deal-breaker. “Would you pay $740 today for 10 calls with potential clients? How about $7k for 100 calls?” the user asked.

If you’re not dealing with high-ticket items, would you?

If that figure seems too much for your humble operation, especially in this economy, fret not. Kalendar.AI is here, and it promises to deliver impressive ROI without breaking the proverbial bank. Learn more at

On-Demand AI Sales Agents

Kalendar.AI is an automated software service that will allow you to set up AI "sales agents" capable of performing cold email outreach. These "agents" can produce highly personalized emails, resulting in better engagement and response rates.

Ravi Vadrevu, Kalendar.AI’s founder and CEO, said that his AI-based service was designed to fill a gap in the market for a low-cost but high-ROI means of cold email outreach, a strategy used by businesses to connect with potential customers or clients via email, even though these recipients have not expressed prior interest.

Cost-Effective Ad Alternative

Ravi explained that human outreach and Google Ads are inexpensive but yield nominal ROI. On the other hand, there are ad options like those offered by Meta that give better results but come at a premium.

According to Ravi, the AI that’s built into Kalendar.AI has been shown to yield high returns while requiring little investment. “You get the efficiency of a high-powered sales team without the associated costs. There are no salaries, benefits, or commissions to worry about,” he said.

3-Step Cold Email Process

Creating an AI “agent” on Kalendar.AI’s dashboard can be done in seconds. Just input the name and title of the “agent” and the type of companies you want to target. Once deployed, the AI will select qualified email recipients from a pool consisting of over 300 million companies. Each recipient will then receive a personalized email that talks about pain points and presents your pitch for a potential solution.

What Users Are Saying

A number of business owners have already taken Kalendar.AI for a spin, and many are ecstatic about what they’ve seen.

“Everybody who is looking to sell and grow should definitely explore Kalendar.AI as an option to either augment your sales force or ideally replace a lot of it.”

“Really, the best thing I think is the targeting is so good that when we get a meeting booked through Kalendar.AI, the people that we are talking to are exactly who we want to talk to.”

Try It Today

If you don’t want to take their word for it, you can see how Kalendar.AI performs live at no cost by scheduling a demo with Ravi and his team. Ravi is also running a promo that will give you a 50% discount if the AI can generate high traction for your offering.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Get started today by visiting

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