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harry potter cards against muggles

7 Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles Combos Hermione Must Really Hate


Cards Against Humanity is a pretty popular NSFW party game. Basically it’s all about players combining cards to create funny, mildly shocking (ok, sometimes extremely offensive, too) sentences such as “What’s the next Happy Meal toy? A Sperm whale.”, or “What gives me uncontrollable gas? Auschwitz.” And, you guessed it,...

blogging memes

9 Blogging Memes That Are Better Than 99% Of Blogs Out There


Let’s face it, a lot of blogs suck. From people documenting their cats’ every move to uninspired travel blogs that nobody really cares about, there’s no shortage of boring blogs on the internet. Which probably explains the blogging memes trend – so thanks sucky blogs, I guess! 1. Brace yourselves....

funny bunny pictures

10 Funny Bunny Pictures That Will Make Cat Pics Look Nasty


When most people think of cute internet pictures, they’ve got cats in mind. Not exactly a surprise, considering the many cat pictures and videos you can find all over the internet. If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, why not try some funny bunny pictures? We bet...

mike tyson memes

These 10 Famous Iron Mike Tyson Memes Are Virtually Unbeatable


A former heavyweight champion without more than a few crazy streaks, Mike Tyson’s popularity has grown far beyond the boxing community. This lovable tough guy has come a long way from biting off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear, and he’s produced quite a few words of wisdom with his characteristic...

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