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funny thoughts and prayers

10 Funny Thoughts & Prayers Memes We’re Sending Your Way


If thoughts and prayers were birds, the skies would be dark – and the earth, full of bird shit. Lucky for the world, though, they aren’t, so everyone can send their thoughts and prayers whenever they feel like it. Which doesn’t mean they’re actually doing anything helpful, but who’s to...

quotes about fairy tales

10 Quotes About Fairy Tales Even The Big Bad Wolf Will Love


From the Grimm brothers to Hans Christian Andersen, fairy tales have always been a favorite with readers – and listeners, of course! – of all ages. Their timeless wisdom and timely humor make them a perfect source for inspirational quotes. If you’re looking for some quotes about fairy tales that...

11 Of The Most Unbelievable Indian Selfies Ever Taken. Some Are Really Bizarre.

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With 1 million selfies being taken everyday, self-portraits have become a part of our modern culture. Selfie is now considered a global phenomenon among young people and there are even courses on selfie. On its darker side, many idiots have died and many have injured while aiming for the perfect...

10 Hilarious Toilet Humor Jokes That Will Make You Flush


Social media reveal an interesting trends. The toilets are no longer a place where we satisfy our biological needs but also a fun and entertaining location in which people quite willingly tag  themselves and friends. Perhaps, you too have a girl friend who has posted multiple selfies from the disco...

funny rock music memes

10 Funny Rock Music Memes Even Rappers Won’t Mind


I’ve heard music is the universal language or something like that, so rock music memes must be universal as well. From famous death wishes to mindlessly falling in love over guitarists, here’s ten funny rock music memes to make everyone’s musical 2019 a little bit funnier. 1. A guitar can...

12 Rare Photos Of Jawaharlal Nehru He Didn’t Want You To See

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India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was not only an influential leader, but he was also a handsome, tall, stylish, and charming guy. He was every single woman’s dream and his attractive personality could steal the heart of many women, especially his most beloved one Edwina Mountbatten. And even today,...

Mind Blowing Questions

10 Brain Bending Questions That Will Blow Your Mind


Some questions are just so brain-bending crazy that nobody can find a good answer. You won’t be able to answer these mind blowing questions, your mother won’t do it, and your best friend probably won’t, either. Not saying you shouldn’t try, though! 1. Either there was a Big Bang, or...

19 Funny Military Pictures That Win The War On Boredom in Every Army


The professional military ethics framework has very serious legal and moral foundations. And when it seems like nothing humorous and fun can come out of those serious professional military values, regulations & everyday activities,  we come across all those outgoing soldiers and their hilarious memes on the Internet. They show...

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