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These Indian Snake Hoaxes Have Once Fooled The Internet. Sheshnag – Oops!

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You must have seen a picture of a snake with six heads many times on Facebook and WhatsApp, a real sheshnag?. If you are dumb and new to the internet, you might have believed in them and argued with your friends that such six headed snakes do exist. But no,...

11 Positive Quotes About Life That Will Bring You Joy


Everything will be fine. Everything will go well. This story will have a happy ending. Life is beautiful and good things happen to those that think about good and positive things – at least that’s what the Attraction law says – we get from the universe what we ask for...

14 Hilarious Bollywoood Memes That Will Blow Your Mind


The following Bollywood memes confront challenge the notion that we are  logical, rational beings and our assumptions about the modern day world. It is good that there are such memes that helps us understand that we have been deluding ourselves with false beliefs. Some of these memes prove that we...

8 Ridiculous Inventions You Didn’t Even Know Exist

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The curious nature of human being has always given way to the more new inventions and discoveries for ages that have truly brought changes in the world. There are so many inventions that have changed the meaning of life for mankind, but there are also some inventions that are considered...

Top 10 Frustrated Quotes That You Want to Say Out Loud


Nowadays it’s quite normal to feel frustrated from time to time. Busy weeks. Stress. Lack of sleep… What do you usually think about in such days? We dig deep to find the 10 most common phrases that can pop up in a person’s mind when they are frustrated. Are these...

20 More Hilarious Protest Signs From Fed Up People


Had enough of people protesting? Well, as it turns out a lot of protesters protesting stuff are also so fed up with the things they are protesting they just simply started having fun in it fooling and pranking people. No more words are necessary here, just take a look at these...

12 Annoying Things You’ll Definitely Come Across While Driving In Delhi

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If you have just shifted in Delhi and you are planning to drive soon, keep in mind that the Delhites do not believe in traffic rules. It is their way or the highway, figuratively. With the increasing number of Audis, BMWs and Mercs on the roads, most people drive in...

10 Funny Friend Memes That You Must Share With Your BFF


How many really close friends do you have? Many? Just a few? Do books like “How to Win Friends & Influence People” really reveal effective techniques that we can implement in our lives and make ourselves more likable by others and more of a “friend material”. Or do you think...

10 Classic Nintendo Characters Every Video Game Player Must Know


If you have ever seen or played a video game you have undoubtedly come across to some of the classic Nintendo characters. Many cosplayers get their inspiration for amazing costume from Nintendo characters like Samus Aran and Baby Metroid. While the Nintendo story would not have been complete without Lakitu,...

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