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15 Funny Adult Memes That Will Turn You On


Close the curtains… lower the blinds.. let’s go straight to number one. The following memes are the type of online content that you would rather avoid sharing with your parents, especially if they are more conservative. The type of memes that you do not want to be caught staring at...

16 Short Sad Comics That Will Give You All The Feels


Who wants to be sad, though? Well, sometimes you just want to see if you still have feelings. It’s the same reason why people watch dramas and romantic movies, even horror films. To feel. If you want that rush of feelings inside of you, I recommend reading through these short...

vegetable puns

These 10 Crazy Vegetable Puns Couldn’t Have Bean Funnier


Puns can be unexpectedly funny, and vegetable puns are almost deliciously funny. From tomatoes to corn and even mushrooms, these ten vegetable pun pictures range from the hilarious to the borderline offensive – but believe us, you’re practically guaranteed to love them. Check out these ten crazily funny vegetable puns...

funny thoughts and prayers

10 Funny Thoughts & Prayers Memes We’re Sending Your Way


If thoughts and prayers were birds, the skies would be dark – and the earth, full of bird shit. Lucky for the world, though, they aren’t, so everyone can send their thoughts and prayers whenever they feel like it. Which doesn’t mean they’re actually doing anything helpful, but who’s to...

funny rock music memes

10 Funny Rock Music Memes Even Rappers Won’t Mind


I’ve heard music is the universal language or something like that, so rock music memes must be universal as well. From famous death wishes to mindlessly falling in love over guitarists, here’s ten funny rock music memes to make everyone’s musical 2019 a little bit funnier. 1. A guitar can...

dark humor memes

10 Dark Humor Memes For Whenever You’re Feeling Naughty


Dark humor – the breath of mischievously fresh air; the slightly inappropriate humor that you can still enjoy because hey! you didn’t come up with it after all, right? From tong-in-cheek religious memes to unexpectedly murderous animals, these ten dark humor memes touch on lots of topics for lots of...

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