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19 People Who Had One Job But Still Failed


There are people who are lazy and then there are those who are lazy and do not care one bit about the job they are doing. In this post I will walk you through on how to not do your job. These people had one job and they still failed...

20 Times Humans Are Perfectly Lucky


Some people have the worst luck ever, and then there are those who have the awesomest of luck. Like avoiding a train by only 1cm, or being almost hit by a car while riding a bike. Either these people are super lucky, coincidence, or their guardian angels are watching over...

21 Types Of Protesters We Need More In Life


Protesters hate the government or big establishments for reasons of their own, and we commuters hate them too because they add to the traffic jam. It could also get messy at times. But you know what’s the saving grace for these protesters? It’s those funny protesters who have signs that...

The World’s Best Origami Artists – See Their Works!


The art of origami is a fascinating thing to behold, it transforms simple pieces of paper into life-like creations – and sometimes even better. It’s an intricate form of art that takes hundreds to of hours to practice, many give up on this ordeal but those who push and strive...

10 Books Written By Women Authors That Everyone Should Read

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We have come a long way as humans. Just a few hundred years back, it was unheard of to have a woman writing a novel. Now we have bestselling female authors and novels which feature strong, independent women. Have you read any of these? Why not grab your own copy?...

20 Dog Snaps To Help Lower Your Stress Level


Rejoice dog lovers of the world. While you probably won’t be famous like many artists, the chances of your dog being a superstar on the internet is high. Just take a look at these 20 dogs that have mastered the art of being an online celebrity. If you are having...

18 Hilarious People Who Got No Chill


Some people have had enough of life and they no longer have any f*ck to give. And because of that they become super hilarious when they deal with people. Some might get offended, some might cry in laughter, but one thing’s for sure: these people have no chill in life...

We Are Living In A Simulation And Here’s The Proof


Believe it or not scientists have secretly confirmed that we are indeed living in a computer. We are just simulations, like games run by bigger people, maybe super advanced aliens. And because our world’s population is growing really fast, that computer’s resources is being all spent up, and in return...

19 Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Cringe Hard


When you get a tattoo, tattoo artists are happy because you are supporting their art and their pockets. But sometimes they too even get terrible requests they just have to ask twice, three times, even ten times if their client is sure. Sometimes they horribly fail at it as well....

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