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17 Reasons Why Women Should Not Be Messed With


Women are crafty people and they can read minds (men can’t read theirs). They can devise the most complex plans just to catch cheaters, and when they do, they will drop hell unto them. It is disastrous, so be careful out there and learn from these people....

kermit the frog meme

Evil Kermit Memes Are So Hot Right Now


Do you know why Evil Kermit meme suddenly became so popular? It’s because he is all of us deep inside. We all can relate to it to the deepest levels of our souls. LOL Here are some of the best Evil Kermit memes. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6....

20 More Hilarious Protest Signs From Fed Up People


Had enough of people protesting? Well, as it turns out a lot of protesters protesting stuff are also so fed up with the things they are protesting they just simply started having fun in it fooling and pranking people. No more words are necessary here, just take a look at these...

20 Medieval Reactions From Paintings – 100% True Story


It turns out we’ve been looking at paintings the wrong way. They are not meant to be adored and nodded at thoughtfully, they are meant to evoke a story from the viewer that only they could tell….nah, just fooling around. Of course it’s meme. They’re all memes. This particular meme...

You’ll Go To Hell If You Laugh At These


If you are easily offended by casual racism, homophobia, sexism, and all those phobia and ism (especially feminism) turn back now. This is a dangerous post meant only for dangerous people who are brave enough to go to hell for laughing....

20 Hilarious Birds With Arms – Almost Died Laughing


In the history of all the weird things that can be found on the Internet perhaps the oddest and funniest is this: birds with arms photoshopped into them. Sometimes they look scary, often hilarious, and they will make you wonder what kind of mouth-breathing people do this for fun???...

25 Low Cost Cosplay Ideas That Are 100% Spot On


This brilliant man, Anucha Sangchart, has been making the rounds on the internet lately with his witty and hilarious spot-on low cost cosplay ideas. If you are aware, cosplaying can cost anywhere from $50 to $5000 or even greater, depending on the quality of the costume and props you want...

If There Are Super Villains This Is Where They Will Live


If super villains were among us they would not live in caves, hide in the mountains, nor pretend to be normal people. Of course not. They’re strong, rich, and evil and want to bring menace to everyone. If super villains were real, they would live in these evil looking buildings....

20 Photoshop Masters Who Failed Hilariously Hard


People who Photoshop things for a living have one job: to Photoshop properly. But sometimes because they are on tight deadlines and perhaps they are dead inside, they fail miserably hard. And often it results to hilarious magazine covers and stuff....

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